Chocolate cake crumbs as a dessert

Hi. I have some left over chocolate cup cakes and thought I had read somewhere of a recipe that had the cake crumbs lightly mixed into the mousse. However, now I want it, I can't find it! . Any thoughts would be great.

Chef_lalagee, Jan 22, 9:17 am

I use the crumbs as a layer between a mousse to make a stripy dessert.

Chef_fee1965, Jan 23, 7:26 am

when I worked in a café we would use these for base of cheesecake.

Chef_bagglz, Jan 24, 6:58 am

Thanks for your replies. Yes good idea for the base of cheesecakes etc.

Chef_lalagee, Jan 24, 7:50 am

warm the cupcakes through, then have with a pouring custard or cream

Chef_cgvl, Apr 27, 4:56 am

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