Yoghurt help please

I want to try a recipe on Nigella the ither day that says to soak chicken nugget pieces in either buttermilk or Yoghurt. I have prebiotic youghurt. Would that work or should I use Greek youghurt

Chef_fletch37, Jul 12, 12:17 pm

The yoghurt you have should be fine, the theory is that will help tenderize the meat (apparently works for other meats too and is good for meat that is a bit 'gamey') and also gives a crisper finish to fried food. If it seems a bit thick you could thin it down with a little milk.

Interesting article all about buttermilk for anyone interested -


Chef_sampa, Jul 12, 12:53 pm


Chef_fletch37, Mar 20, 10:00 pm

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