Garlic luncheon

Hi. Does anyone know anywhere that sells the garlic luncheon chubb? I have a bean recipe that specifically requires it and it's the only thing my son is asking for after having his toncils out.

Chef_jubilant, Jul 24, 9:22 am

I have purchased them a few times from Pak 'N Save but it was some time ago. I have also purchased them at Countdown in the past. Sometimes they are not always in the place that you might expect but I also think it is probably something that might be available more in the warmer weather then in the middle of winter. I'll have a look around when I'm at the supermarket during the weekend.

Chef_pogram0, Jul 25, 10:22 pm

Could not see any in the supermarkets visited. If you supermarket currently sells it sliced, you can ask them to sell it to you unsliced in the piece. I have done this a few times because I always thought that the supermarket deli used to slice it too thin and I liked to slice it myself quite a bit thicker.

Chef_pogram0, Feb 10, 3:15 pm

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