I bought pre-marinated ribs from new world

how do i cook it? i am confused. bake?

Chef_girlonfilm, Jul 26, 1:09 pm

long slow bake

Chef_arielbooks, Jul 26, 1:46 pm

Personally I would not buy marinated meat, nor crumbed,due to it hiding a multitude of sins.

Chef_cleggyboy, Jul 26, 2:27 pm

thanks! i'll put it to bake now.

Chef_girlonfilm, Jul 26, 3:43 pm

cleggy- i guess i got lazy. :)

Chef_girlonfilm, Jul 26, 3:50 pm

Don't worry girlonfilm. sometimes it's just fine to take the easier road. :) Try the long slow and low temp bake but be aware that pre-marinated stuff has this frustrating habit of looking fab on the outside but sometimes being underdone (chewy and a but tough) underneath or - it just overcooks and isn't that flash due to the, often, high sugar content in the marinade. Makes cooking times difficult. Fingers crossed it works out for you. let us know how it goes.

Chef_sampa, Jul 26, 7:15 pm

Okay, sorry, you've no doubt eaten them by now. how did they go?

Chef_sampa, Jul 26, 7:15 pm

a butcher told me once that the marinated meat is the old stuff and they marinate it to hide the 'imperfections'.
Personally I steer clear.

Chef_imn, Jul 26, 8:19 pm

yeah, I'm with you on that. a marinade goes a long way to camouflaging meat that is past it's best.

Chef_herself, Jul 26, 9:26 pm

thanks guys, i baked in a lasagne dish covered with foil for about 3 hours. it was alright but needed more marinade i guess. you know at restaurants how its dripping with sauce, it wasn't like that.

Chef_girlonfilm, Jul 27, 4:07 pm

Was it one of those pre-packed marinated ribs in very heavy foil?
Or something the supermarket did in a tray with very thin foil?

Chef_uli, Jul 27, 5:02 pm

Next time for ribs when they are cooked make a sticky sauce pour over ribs and under grill for a few minutes to caramalise, yummy.

Chef_fifie, Jul 27, 5:10 pm

fifie it depends which type of ribs she bought.

There are some that come in a very thick plastic bag all pre-done which I think have all that stuff on them already.
I had a look at them the other day when Pak'n'Save had a huge amount piled up in the middle of the aisle in a special cooler.

The others are often old stuff repacked and "marinated" by the supermarket itself.

Chef_uli, Jul 27, 5:46 pm

Gordon Ramseys, if you want to make your own, are the best! I've made them many times, due to repeated requests from family!

Chef_rarogal, Feb 9, 5:44 am

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