Resurrection buns

Does anyone have the recipe for resurrection buns for Easter?
I tried one yesterday. so yum!
This one had a marshmallow inside a sweet bread like roll. It was glazed and had sugar crystals on top.
After baking the marshmallow melts and leaves a hole in the middle of the bun.

Chef_sue62, Apr 4, 11:32 am

I had never heard of these until I googled - the hole left by the marshmallow symbolises the empty tomb

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 4, 3:17 pm

there is a recipe for homemade ones from scratch on google

Chef_rubyjane11, Apr 4, 5:25 pm

Can you post a link? All the recipes I have seen use some sort of croissant pastry that comes in a can. You cannot buy that here. The only substitute for that would be to buy frozen, uncooked croissants, defrost and follow the procedure from there.

Personally I think they look disgusting. Easter is bad enough for sweets already without adding a sweet pastry with a bought marshmallow melted into it. Better to do what another poster does and that is buy croissants, slice, fill with chocolate and heat. Perhaps you could substitute marshmallows rolled in cinnamon and more sugar, for the chocolate.

It looks to me like a recipe and 'story' dreamed up by the makers of cans of 'crescent' dough to improve sales.

Chef_buzzy110, Nov 5, 9:46 pm

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