Non stick muffin tin question

nzpcltd, Nov 1, 2:59am
I have just bought my 2nd set of non stick muffin trays. Usually I spray them first but after a while they stop being non stick! Should I not be spraying them at all? I am wondering if this is damaging the surface somehow however the tins dont look damaged at all. can anyone help with some words of wisdom so I can stop buying blimmin muffin trays?

uli, Nov 1, 3:19am
Buy some from the 2nd hand shop which are not non-stick and they will live forever.

I have nothing that is non-stick - bread tins, wok, muffin tins, fry pans are all steel - and yes sometimes they rust - and nothing sticks to them at all ever. Nicely seasoned they are great.

korbo, Nov 1, 11:25pm
never spray or oil mine, just use paper muffin things in them., Nov 3, 12:25am
I have the same problem so always use paper muffin liners, however they brown better without. I might have a look for some old muffin tins as I have a few old fashioned patty tins from op shops that I use for tarts and are really good.

jymkrys, Nov 4, 3:15am
Perhaps it would help to just put small disks of baking paper on the bottom of the tins. The sides could easily be loosened with a small plastic knife. Lining the tins with baking paper is really tricky and I would not do it again.

sla11, Jul 23, 6:10pm
I oil muffin tins, only takes a minute. Leave muffins to cool after cooking and just run a knife around edges and they don't stick.

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