Icing chocolate mud cake. Help please

what can you ice chocolate mud cake with and how do you do it?. Just a beginner at cake decorating

Chef_bronski17, Apr 9, 12:06 pm

I use a chocolate ganache. Bring 250gms sour cream to room temp. Melt 400gms dark choc for 2 mins in the microwave and stir till smooth. Stir in sour cream and let set. If you need it in a hurry you can set in the fridge, just stir periodically and then ice the cake.

Chef_rjmeikle, Apr 9, 12:29 pm

I use chocolate ganache - I have attached my recipe here


Chef_mooshiesmum, Apr 9, 3:43 pm

I use equal weight of chocolate and cream when making ganache - have never tried it with sour cream

Chef_sarahb5, Oct 22, 11:10 pm

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