Mince On Toast

and again

Chef_bev00, Jun 7, 12:27 am

Have never understood the appeal myself but my son would rather have bolognese sauce on toast than pasta

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 7, 9:31 am

Hate buying savory mince when out - most cafes put sugar in it - blerk yet savory mince with a soft poached egg on top if great for a hot brekky on a cold Winter's day after a walk!

Chef_awoftam, Jun 7, 12:45 pm

mince, savs, sausages so full of fat, the thought of them, yuk. and especially for breakfast, sorry to offend ones who love them, but they make me sick just thinking about them

Chef_kids4ever, Jun 7, 1:47 pm

The mince and mushroom stroganoff recipe is nice but for plain mince I use one of Gordon Ramsays home recipes. Has leeks in it and red wine and is really yummy.

Chef_joybells2, Jun 7, 1:52 pm

Has anyone tried that mince in a can?

Chef_clarrychick, Jun 7, 5:54 pm

You made me chuckle. The mince I eat is certainly not full of fat. and I am talking around 10.30 so more brunch. And very rarely.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 7, 6:05 pm

I had very bad memories of mince from childhood. my darling Dad cooked mince with a chopped onion and boiled in water. it was a grey horrible sludge with no flavour. so I struggle with mince to this day. however I have managed to eat it very highly seasoned, only the very leanest mince and for mince on toast I would choose the best quality mince you can afford. fry it off. remove the fat that comes from it. add diced onion and garlic. then cubed carrot. keep stirring it and then add some beef flavouring either Oxo cube crumbled or the lovely new tubs of flavour. then add some water and simmer. you can add fresh herbs if you have them. thyme is good and even a little rosemary. after cooking for around 20 minutes, check seasonings and add ground pepper or salt if required. To thicken I use cornflour in a little milk which changes the colour a little but adds flavour IMo.

Chef_karlymouse, Jun 7, 10:15 pm

when I was around 18 I lived in Auckland and went boarding, there was me and this girl older that me, and she worned me about tea meals. OMG, every night we got macaroni cheese with discuting mince, I use to walk up the road and get a burger I would be so hungry, I use to have a plastic bag with me to put the food in and ditch it when I went up the road, I only lasted 1 week, thought I am out of here,, lol

Chef_kids4ever, Jun 7, 11:13 pm

Omg, I went to Gordon Ramseys restaurant 2013, in VEGAS and it was so nice. I got to meet him and thought he was just such a nice guy, got photos I will treasure., never heard any swearing at all, was a true gentleman, nothing was a problem, was very casual and I was amazed at the wine on display

Chef_kids4ever, Jun 7, 11:18 pm

anyone have a good recipe for Mince on Toast?
I can do the toast bit (thick slice of bread, put in toaster, then slather it in butter) - but need a good recipe for the mince on top please!

thanks in advance :-)

Chef_muffin2, Oct 19, 11:01 am

muffin2, I don't follow a recipe when I cook mince "stew" - I always use onions and usually garlic too, then what else goes in depends on what I want or need to use for flavour and to bulk the mince out (vegetables, lentils. ); however if I was to use a recipe I'd probably opt for one or a combo of something like these that are from the former Trademe Cooks.

"mince & mushroom stroganoff
Melt 50gm butter and cook 2 lge sliced onions, 2 cloves crushed garlic, and 200-300gm chopped mushrooms, until the onion is clear. Remove from pan and brown 1 kg mince till it has lost its pinkness. Stir in 1 pkt mushroom soup and 1 tbsp instant beef stock. Add 2 cups water (or 1½ cups water and ½ cup wine) and stir till boils. Simmer 5 mins then mix in the onion mixture, 2 tbsp tomato concentrate and 250 gm sour cream. Serve with noodles. posted by ygeva

heres one I copied from someone elses post
QUICK TASTY MINCE DISH 500 gm Mince, 1 onion, brown in pan then add these ingredients mixed with a little water.1 desertspoon Brown Sugar, 1 tsp dry Mustard, 1 tsp Curry Powder. Also add 1 400gm tin Spaghetti We have had it with rice and its easy to make
posted by r.mascord

My no fail mince.
500gm mince, one finely diced onion, 500ml campbells beef stock, 1/4 tsp curry powder, big squirt (around 1/4c) tomato sauce, salt and pepper. Mix and bake with a lid on or tinfoil over it for 2-2/2hr at 170c. Thicken with 2T plian flour shak in an old jar with 1/3 cup cold water. stir in and cook for a further 15mins. Yummy on toast, rice or with veges. Left overs make nice toasted sandwiches or cover with mashed potato and cheese or pour over bakd potatoes and add sour cream and chese or even add more curry powder and sultanas and serve on rice.
posted by vinka74

here's my fav recipe
500g mince, 2 Tbsp butter, 1 tsp curry powder, 1 onion, 1 Tbs sugar, 2 Tbsp rice, 2 dsp worchester sauce, 2 1/2 C water, 1 pkt chicken noodle soup. Fry mince & onion in butter & add rest. Simmer for upto 1hr in a mod oven. Stir occasionally.
posted by jaky

Savoury Mince
Brown 1 chopped onion and 2 cloves of garlic in large pan. When soft, brown mince. Season well with salt & pepper. Add a splash of worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, tomato sauce, 1-2 T tomato paste, 1 tsp beef or chicken stock, 1 tin flavoured tomatoes (any flavour), sprinkle of oregano & basil, 1 tsp sugar. Add in some frozen peas & corn. Cook uncovered for about 20-30mins till thickened. Check seasoning again & serve. Nice the next day reheated on toast.
posted by rkcroft

Make this one a lot
500gm mince i/2 tspn nutmeg 1 tspn chicken stock - or more if you prefer lite cream cheese small tub 1 pkt chuckwagon vegies Fry meat till almost brown, then add nutmeg and vegies, mix through, cook a bit more then add chicken stock and cream cheese plus a little water- all the family like this one- I serve it with either rice or pasta
posted by ashanti

cook up in a pot
with a Tsp of Vegemite/Marmite and chuck in some mixed veges - quite watery, then thicken with cornflour. Nice and cheap and goes a very long way. Serve with potatoes (mashed or however yoy like them) and a corn on the cobb or something like that. Only takes about 10min max.
posted by -biddy-

my one
fry onions, garlic, ginger, curry powder - add mince and cube of beef stock. Add a bit of water, splash of soya sauce and thicken. Maybe some grated carrot, handful of sultana's or peas or finely sliced cabbage and serve on rice. This is my basic "no frills" recipe . but it's pretty yum
posted by darlingmole"

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Oct 19, 11:18 am

Just bumped a thread for u muffin2. The recipe in the first post I tried and yum yum yum! Lots of flavour. Best ive made outta a few recipes tried.

Chef_kirmag, Oct 19, 11:25 am

thanks heaps 245sam for all those recipes!

Chef_muffin2, Oct 19, 12:29 pm

You're most welcome muffin2 - as always, I'm happy to help. :-))

Chef_245sam, Oct 19, 12:50 pm

Yesterday's leftover cooked mince is always best. The flavours will have developed and deepened by next day. Who cooks mince specially for breakfast?

Chef_jynx66, Oct 20, 9:16 am

Agree. Especially in toasties.

Chef_kaddiew, Oct 20, 10:13 am

something simple,, fry off the mince,, add water,, thicken with gravy mix ,,
. add what ever to the mince to give extra flavour,, garlic, cumin, soya sauce, tomato paste, masala, 5 spice,

Chef_aktow, Oct 21, 5:48 am

I use "savoury mince". Oddly enough my kids love it - I thought they would loathe it the way I did as a kid. I put mixed vegies in mine (the peas, carrots and corn type) and a dash of tomato and worcesteshire sauce.

For on toast its better the next day, and I put a slice of cheese between toast and mince - my grandmother used to do this to prevent the toast going soggy. God my kids almost kill each other to eat this stuff!

Chef_norse_westie, Jun 14, 1:03 pm

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