My vege soup

is lacking flavour. what do you use to make yours yumm?

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 2:49 pm

I'm assuming you are talking "a meat and meat stock free" vegetable soup. I used to make my vegetable soup with fresh, home cooked pulses. I used to love using chick peas. A can of chopped tomatoes in juice is always a nice addition.

I assumed you did saute those vegetables that improve in flavour with that process and during sauteing add something a bit spicy like a curry powder mix , or a mix of your own making.

Chef_buzzy110, May 25, 3:05 pm

tomatoes - great idea that I had forgotten . not keen on a curry flavour, yup got the chickpeas, lentils and split peas. and yeah didn't brown first as I did it all in the crock pot. think I will brown some onions and add maybe cumin . cheers :)

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 3:26 pm

You're welcome. Hope the improvements help. A little bit of fat (from sauteing) is always a nice addition.

Chef_buzzy110, May 25, 3:32 pm

Try a teaspoon or so of Miso paste. It adds the umami element.Start with one and build up if needed.

Chef_kay141, May 25, 3:51 pm

ahh yes ive heard its the new magic ingredient, what brand do you use?

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 5:52 pm

sometimes I add Maggi Chicken stock, it gives t a yummy flavour. Other times a bacon hock or some bacon pieces.

Chef_helen149, May 25, 5:56 pm

This I had the same problem it is umami - soy sauce does the trick with mine - just add a little at a time and taste. However I am really fussy and only use Kikkomans as I think it has superior flavour., May 25, 6:04 pm

I always have Miso in the fridge so haven't tried soy sauce. Same thing, I guess.

Chef_kay141, May 25, 7:25 pm

Herbs including bay leaf, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, vegetable stock cube (yeah I know but they really help with the flavour) - depends what you have around really and what vegetables you've used.

Chef_sarahb5, May 25, 7:30 pm

Motorbo is a vegetarian.

Chef_awoftam, May 25, 7:32 pm

A teaspoon or two of either Vegemite or Marmite.

Chef_elsielaurie1, May 25, 8:31 pm

nope im not, I just eat mostly vege, I will eat organic chicken and red meat if I can get it at a good price, and I adore seafood, but I eat them not often, hence I eat a lot of vege meals, my soup improved a lot by just allowing it to settle - tomorrow it will be yummy . I find eating mostly vege good for my health but I also like how it challenges me to cook better, which is funny cos today I wasn't on par . but then I also like discussion on food and getting other peoples ideas too . as to stock I buy massels - yes I know its processed and I shouldn't but I like that I can have a chicken stock that doesn't use chickens, and it has a moist-ish stock cube that has a nice flavour

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 8:41 pm

Opppppppppppps, sorry motorbo, always thought you were a vegetarian. My apologies.

I agree, vegetarian meals take a bit more thought (for me anyway) and I feel great when I limit meat. I have been a bit of a carnivore lately, need to peg it back a bit. I wish I liked fish more, get it fresh by the kilo and give it away, I don't like snapper. I can eat it but prefer not to. Pity I can't beam it down to you somehow.

Chef_awoftam, May 25, 8:42 pm

I've started using vegeta stock for my soup as now I don't each much processed stuff I find soup made with maggi stock really salty. It does help if you brown your onion, and garlic if you're using it, first. And then a good grind of black pepper and plenty of parsley at the end!

Chef_fefeoc, May 25, 8:45 pm

no worries, I do rarely eat meat so easy to understand. omg I had to see where you were and of course you are in the other paradise . I know there are more but I like to make the journey once a year to the coromandel to see my sister and eat my fill of fish/seafood

where I now live . I think I need to be brave and learn to fish as im right by a river and a fresh water stream.

Chef_motorbo, May 25, 9:14 pm

Tomato paste.

Chef_eljayv, May 26, 8:54 am

add turmeric always peps veg soup up and parsley

Chef_ritebuy, May 26, 8:58 am

Vegemite or miso add flavour. Veg soup often a bit bland at first but flavour develops as it sits for a while or overnight.

Chef_frances1266, May 26, 9:07 am

+1 Turmeric research shows it to work positively on the brain to ward off alzheimer's disease too.

Chef_hezwez, May 26, 9:07 am

Does that mean that people from the sub-continent of India, who eat tumeric daily, have no alzheimer's?

Chef_buzzy110, May 26, 9:53 am

Here buzzy, you're fond of links.
But in case you haven't the will or temperament to read it all, note:
"Epidemiological studies in India, a country where turmeric consumption is widespread, suggest it has one of the lowest prevalence rates of AD in the world"

Chef_hezwez, May 26, 10:49 am

and i have fresh turmeric too

Chef_motorbo, Jul 8, 11:01 pm

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