Apricot loaf recipe

Anyone with a nice recipe please?
One that can have sultanas or other fruit or nuts added to it . if it makes it better.

Chef_agnes8, Jul 18, 7:25 pm

agnes8, I recall that the original recipe for the following loaf included a suggestion to vary it by using N.Z. dried apricots (i.e. not the sweetened imported ones) instead of the dates:-


That loaf is so moist and lovely as it is with the dates that I haven't as yet bothered to try varying it but you might like to so I hope it helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 18, 8:12 pm

Many thanks for that. I will try that one next time and use the not so sweet apricots probably.
I actually googled apricot loaf recipe as I had to make 3 of them tonight and a really easy recipe came up from " Best recipes" and I have 3 in the oven right now.
when I licked the spoon ( as you do . LOL. ) you are so right as I used the bulk bin dried apricots from Countdown and they are the imported ones which are really sweet. too sweet for me but much cheaper than the NZ ones. but as this is a request from a son in law who puts sugar in his tea and coffee they will probably be pretty well perfect for him. hope so anyway!
Time will tell !
Thanks again.

Chef_agnes8, Mar 3, 1:53 pm

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