I bought some in a can (from local Mediterranean food store) They are rice rolled in vine leaves for those who don't know. Anyhow anyone know if I can freeze them because I have way too many to eat by myself! :) They have been fully cooked.

Chef_catz21, Jan 22, 6:44 pm

yes you can
I have made my own and frozen them for a wedding party.

Chef_lilyfield, Jan 22, 8:35 pm

Thank you :)

Chef_catz21, Jan 22, 9:24 pm

add mince rice and garlic together season with salt and pepper.
Take a whole cabbage and have water on a simmer with tongs take l leaf at a time put in the water with tongs till leaf goes limp.
Take out the white stalk thing on the leaf. Roll out some mince mixture and place on the leaf roll up into a cigar like roll.
You could buy 2 tins tomato and onion Put dolmas into a dish and add tomato mix cook in moderate oven for approx 40 mins or less

Chef_rozke, Apr 21, 1:04 pm

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