***Mad Butcher meat?***

Have just heard all their meat is imported.
Anyone know if that is true?

Chef_standard, Apr 26, 2:01 pm

Pretty much all of Countdowns is. I prefer Mad Butcher over Supermarkets.

Chef_camper18, Apr 26, 2:05 pm

Have you thought of ringing them to ask? They do say on some of their ads that it is NZ meat.

Chef_kay141, Apr 26, 2:11 pm

Dont like their meat at all, wouldnt surprise me if its imported.

Chef_fifie, Apr 26, 2:48 pm

I doubt it, Aussie meat is far, far cheaper.
There was a bit at Pak N Save a while ago but haven't seen any since.

Chef_lythande1, Apr 26, 2:51 pm

Mad Butcher website states:
". our carcass beef and lamb is NZ Quality Mark certified, our carcass fresh pork is 100% NZ grown, and our chicken is supplied by New Zealand’s leading poultry brand. "
. which would imply, I reckon, that the pork and the chicken is NZ, but the beef and lamb are not.

Chef_mjhdeal, Apr 26, 3:40 pm

Recently mad butcher had some USA pork but they made it clear in their advtg. The Aussie butcher sells all NZ meat. They advertise that and i have asked them myself and been reassured .

Chef_eljayv, Apr 26, 4:52 pm

That's handy to know except that the Aussie Butcher is only BOP north and O/P is in Ashburton.

Chef_kay141, Apr 26, 5:12 pm

Our local Mad Butcher store near my home opened only about a year or so ago, and the few times I've been in, I've always been the only customer. LIkewise when I drive past and glance through its large windows, its always empty. There must be an awful lot of wasted meat.

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 26, 5:47 pm

Not quite. Beef and lamb can't get the NZ Quality Mark if it's not from NZ.

Chef_edbabynz, Apr 26, 5:52 pm

Whoever you heard it from has no idea what they are talking about. Some is imported, much of it isn't.

Chef_flancrest, Apr 26, 5:53 pm

All their meat is NZ unless specified I have found some MB stores sell crap others sell excellent meat, so if you are in the position to try more than one store go for it, then support the store that you feel sells good meat.
Most SM meat is crap and loaded with water to get the weight up.
Seeing the smaller butchers are competing with the rubbish that the SM's are floggiing, I suggest stick with the small butcher, of your choice.

Chef_cleggyboy, Apr 26, 6:18 pm

No not true - I rang tegel as I was a bit dubious about their chicken and Tegel said it is exactly the same as they supply to the supermarkets

Chef_melford, Apr 26, 7:38 pm

Beef, in my experience, is imported and certainly not up to NZ Standards. Thankfully my dogs are not fussy and only reason I shop there!

Chef_kernal1, Apr 26, 7:56 pm

lucky we do home kill

Chef_harrislucinda, Apr 26, 9:08 pm

I've found MB to sell good meat. It is not as good as I get from small, specialty butcher shops, where the meat is definitely more tender and nicer tasting, but it is certainly no worse than supermarket meat.

My local used to sell melt-in-your-mouth, really tasty lamb racks with the fat still on at a good price. I miss those as eventually they succumbed to pressure and started selling only the fat removed lamb racks. Maybe that is all they could by from their supplier. Sigh. Another quality cut destroyed by fat phobes.

Their advertising definitely states that all their meat is NZ meat unless otherwise stated.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 27, 10:38 am

I have also asked the question at our local MB shop here in Palmy (which is always busy when I go in about once a month) and was reassured it is NZ meat - however if it doesn't say that it is from NZ then I would ask like really really cheap pork. A local independent butcher I go to was selling really cheap pork recently, not labelled as from NZ and when I enquired they said it was from Finland - it wasn't very nice (I had ribs from them) so I always ask now if not sure.
Bacon products are almost always imported unless it says otherwise so watch out for that.

Chef_village.green, Apr 27, 11:17 am

After trying the supermarkets and local butchers here in PN I never buy any meat other than from MB. We have never been disappointed and the place of origin t is always labelled well.

Shop always busy and clean.

We don't eat a lot of meat - like x2 a week maximum but I am happy to pay for it if it is quality.

Always get my Xmas ham from MB also, in fact got another one a few weeks ago for family wedding and it was perfect. People kept asking me where I had purchased it.

Chef_maynard9, Apr 27, 11:41 am

Mmmm. That's interesting. Palmerston North is a quite a bit further south than the Bay of Plenty. So is Lower Hutt where there is a MB.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 27, 11:46 am

Of course, there is a MB in Lower Hutt. It is the Aussie Butcher who is not further south than BOP as I said. They are completely different entities.

Chef_kay141, Apr 27, 11:51 am

My understanding is that MB Palmerston North is locally supplied for most meats - told by friend who knows the supplier. Great meat too!
I would have thought they would have to label overseas supplier? Pak'nSave label any meat they sell from overseas.

Chef_sla11, Apr 27, 12:04 pm

Thanks for that :)

Chef_mjhdeal, Apr 27, 2:05 pm

LOL. The Kangaroo sure isn't!

Chef_lythande1, Apr 27, 3:11 pm

Mad Butcher donates a lot to charity, and does a lot of good for nz through his shops and always comes across as a genuine guy to me. However his shops are only as good as his managers are i guess. I am lucky our meat is mostly farm kill with a little fat for flavour, something that is hard to get in supermarkets and butchers these days as they all have lean no fat meat that seems to be what everyone wants.

Chef_fifie, Apr 27, 3:35 pm

Moreish in Palmy is very good and all meat traceable if that is what you are concerned about. It is free range ( Havoc pork), chicken, beef and lamb organic, however it is expensive in comparison to supermarkets, MB etc. They make all their own sausages too, a great range of flavours.
Steve's Wholefoods in Albert St sell their own farmed beef from Pohangina, very good value, they also sell Free Farmed pork and put their own really nice flavourings/rubs on top of the whole chickens (approx $10 each) Turks.
They also sell Blackball Salami which is delish and is the first place I go to for cheese (other than 1kg blocks) as they are great value there.

Chef_village.green, Apr 27, 3:52 pm

Yeah, I hate that. Our local supermarket - all the free range chicken thighs and breasts are skinless. Boooooooo.

Chef_mjhdeal, Apr 27, 5:03 pm

I agree. The skin is the best part especially when it is all roasted up and is brown and crispy. Oooohhh Yum. Anyway, I need the skin so I can slip slices of salted lemon, or blended herbs and butter between the skin and flesh.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 27, 5:30 pm

the mad butcher meat is crap. all his meat is tough . sausages are smaller and shorter than they used to be plus they taste horrible. the only things i buy off the mad butcher now is chicken frames and soup bones.

Chef_aktow, Apr 29, 12:53 am

Remember people, "The Mad Butcher" is not owned by the original person now, is corporate company, Peter is just a face.

Chef_smallwoods, Apr 29, 8:10 am

Check there prices often not as cheap as supermarkets, Personally I am not fussed with there meat seems like it is water filled or something. Just not quality but in this day and age I guess price it a big thing I know for me it is. And the cheap cuts are getting more expensive than a good steak or the likes. I seen to be leaning towards bacon these days and a bit of fish and chicken. And even then if they are not marked down I just can't afford them. Sad state of affairs I have a friend who says she only eats NZ Lamb when in the UK as it's so cheap.

I wish they would bring back rabbit boards or the likes so we could buy/get cheap rabbit's and Wallabies' are a pest in Waimatie (sp) wish we could by this as well. Both great eating.

Chef_anne1955, Apr 29, 8:44 am

If you think "all his meat is tough", then you clearly don't know how to cook it. I have no problem producing tender meals from meat I buy there.

Chef_flancrest, Apr 29, 8:54 am

I have harped on about eating wild rabbit for ages but it is falling on deaf ears.
I can't help but wonder if the rabbit farms are stopping the wild rabbit industry.
It is available in NW supermarkets in the South Island and one in Wellington, but further north nothing to my knowledge.
It comes from Bendigo Station.

Chef_cleggyboy, Apr 29, 8:58 am

sla11 wrote:
My understanding is that MB Palmerston North is locally supplied for most meats - told by friend who knows the supplier. Great meat too!
I would have thought they would have to label overseas supplier? Pak'nSave label any meat they sell from overseas.[/quote

That is very interesting - and would explain the variance in areas.

I refuse to buy meat from Steve's as he was prosecuted for animal cruelty and the shop looks like a pig's sty (no offence intended to pigs). They take no pride in presentation and that matters to me.

Moreish is good - their sausages in particular but can't afford on a weekly basis

Chef_maynard9, Apr 29, 10:28 am

i suppose the 18 years working as a chef was a waste of time then. i know more about meat than you do.

Chef_aktow, Apr 30, 12:02 am

Can you give an example of what kind of MB meat is tough?

It's just that, for example, I have found that beef cheeks in the slow cooker for ten hours = disappointing. Yet, beef cheeks in slow cooker for 12 hours = tender dreamy morsels of the gods. The extra two hours makes all the difference.

Chef_mjhdeal, Apr 30, 7:10 am

Yes they can be brought And for a special occasion I have brought a couple but at 20.00 each when I have lived half my life in Central Otago I don't fancy doing that again. Yes when I lived in Central I use to get them given to me. Fact first day the Collece (sp) was released I was stopped near Cromwell and had car searched for it was quite bizarre really.

Chef_anne1955, Apr 30, 8:40 am

I've bought meat from the MB before, but they don't cater for couples - you can only get their meat in large packs and none of the pork or chicken is Free Range
Since watching a doco about 7-8 years ago about how every day supermarket chickens are raised wife & I now only buy free range Chicken, eggs and Pork - you can really taste the difference.
I think it is better to spend a little more and get better quality meat

Chef_muffin2, Apr 30, 1:31 pm

And to this day not a word was uttered about who or how the calici virus was spread around lol

Chef_porka1, Apr 30, 6:00 pm

Yes porka1 your right there and to look t the hills and flats in Central now you wouldn't think it got 1 let alone any more :)

Now I looked t outside advertising on our "Mad Butchers'" yesterday. Says 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated. Not a thing about where meat comes from :) No NZ meat only :(

Chef_anne1955, May 2, 8:42 am

I haven't shopped at the MB for a couple of years now. To be fair I didn't shop there regularly, however one opened near the supermarket I go do so for convenience I started going. I found the meat to be poor quality and fatty. I also had around 3 separate incidents, within a fairly short time span, of off meat (stunk). Will never go back.

Chef_hd07, May 2, 9:00 am

Yes it is a shame about the calici virus and there don't seem to be any moves to reintroduce it.Probably still a political hot potato even though it was proved to be species specific which was a major argument against its introduction.
As for NZ meat at Mad Butcher they seem to buy anywhere they they can get cheap meat.A lot of USA pork loins get brought in and legs of pork for hams.Scandinavian pork is another one that finds a home in NZ as a result of the Russia Ukraine crisis. EU placed embargoes on Russia and Russia retaliated and included a ban on EU pork which accounted for 25% of Russias consumption and now needs to find a new home and some of it finds its way to NZ.at bargain basement prices.

Chef_porka1, May 2, 5:44 pm

They also do on-line meat orders couriered anywhere in NZ, vacuum packed and chilled. A little more expensive than supermarkets but far better quality, all meat is certified NZ organic, as are their chickens. We buy exclusively from Morish, best meat in town.

Chef_cjdnzl, May 2, 8:58 pm

Hi All,
Not all meat at the Mad Butcher is imported.
Please feel free to call Dan Adams on 09 531 5911 or 021 514 768 Dan is the Operations Manager and is more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Chef_gary13, Aug 24, 5:07 am

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