Weber vs gas BBQ

I have cooked everything on my weber that you can cook in an oven. When I finished at the end I wrap a flounder up in some foil with s/p and butter and turn it off it is cooked in the morning. Everything comes out really tasty. Smoke my ham in it. Would not be without it.

Chef_399, Jun 1, 2:30 pm

Any difference between cooking on a gas weber or normal gas hood top? Or is it just the solid fuel webers that make a difference to taste?

Chef_tak14, Aug 3, 7:00 pm

Can't beat the solid fuel weber for a great roast. In saying that I have never cooked on a gas one I am still using the one I brought back from Oz when I came home in 95. I am sure the taste would be better from solid fuel model.

Chef_paddypf, Aug 3, 7:05 pm

Those that have Webber Gas BBQ's seem to swear by them. I know hubby has been talking about getting one. All hooded BBQ's seem pretty similar to me. but he tells me no. Webber the best. lol. Might depend on how good a cook you are. lol

Chef_tippsey, Aug 3, 7:21 pm

Have a read of the posts in the salmon thread just a few threads down where beaker59 posts some really informed and generous comments re webbers.

Chef_suzanna, Aug 3, 7:46 pm

We love our Weber.
They were rated highly by Consumer too.

Chef_dbab, Aug 3, 8:52 pm

I don't use gas though so really I am a bit too biased to comment on the difference between gas and charcoal. Charcoal isn't for everyone, but I do like my webber charcoal. The plain 22" one is all you need in a BBQ. I find they outlive any other BBQ they don't rust and can live for years and years my current one is 10yrs old and has lived outside on the deck in the weather the whole time uncovered it looks like it could do another 20 yrs. In the mean time I have seen my neighbor buy at least 2 new gas BBQ's.

A Large pork shoulder roast over charcoal would be my favourite food. Mutton comes a close second. I well remember a massive mutton shoulder that a farming relative sent up. He really thought I wouldn't be able to cook it properly he was blown away with the result when I cooked it on the Webber for 5 hours it came out perfectly we were even able to do my favourite party trick of pulling the bones out from the complete roast then carving it into slices boneless shoulder roast mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Chef_beaker59, Aug 4, 11:59 am

We have had our Webber for nearly 25yrs and still going strong.
Wouldn't swap it for anything.

I never cook meat in the oven - saves cleaning too

Chef_maynard9, Aug 4, 1:43 pm

I always prefer the taste of charcoal bbq. Even did some toast bread on them. Nothing beats the aroma of carcinogens

Chef_deus701, Aug 4, 3:42 pm

Beaker is yours the basic round one?

Chef_buzzy110, Aug 4, 4:13 pm

Yup the basic 22", round with a lid.

Chef_beaker59, Aug 4, 6:12 pm

Chef_davidt4, Aug 4, 7:34 pm

Thanks beaker and for the link as well.

Chef_buzzy110, Aug 5, 10:39 am

That is the one davidt4 they have certainly got cheaper over the years.

It is the only style I have owned so can't comment to much on any others but there's not much that little BBQ can't do.

Chef_beaker59, Jun 25, 1:08 pm

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