Butter Bell Crock. Would like to buy

one if anyone can tell me where to get a good one. I believe they are very good. Thought I may go back to having butter on my bread and biscuits.

Chef_clair4, Jul 1, 4:47 pm

Husband bought me one for Xmas but I don't like it. The butter still melts in the summer and the bell isn't very big so you are constantly refilling it which isn't easy if your butter is hard out of the fridge.

Don't like the butter sitting in water either.

Other people swear by them however which was why he thought of it. I'm not convinced.

Chef_pgta, Jul 1, 7:22 pm

I thought I could put a small amount on a saucer and put it in the microwave on defrost, which would soften it enough for spreading. Maybe I will give it a try in the morning. The price of the crocks are really expensive.
Thanks pgta for your remarks.

Chef_clair4, Jul 1, 7:53 pm

I put enough butter for about 2-3 days into plastic container (like a small lunch box) and leave it in the pantry. It is soft enough to spread easily, and the small amount doesn't go off. I used to use a pottery butter dish but it was always too hard to spread.

Chef_biggles45, Jul 1, 8:19 pm

I have one. bought it online from Butter Bell NZ.

Chef_ralph33, Apr 20, 6:59 am

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