Tomatoes does anyone know or remember

You could get a packet or mix to put with tomatoes and it came out like strawberry jam, is it still around any help appreciated as made heaps of relish and still have a lot of tomatoes to use.

Chef_jude2, Apr 8, 11:00 am

Go into Google - type in Mock Raspberry Jam Recipes - lots on there

Chef_doree36, Apr 8, 11:38 am

Look Tomato Jam

3kg tomatoes - 1.5kg Sugar - 4 sachets of 2L (or 8 sachets 1L) Hansells Vitafresh-Raspberry Flavour - 1 packet King Jam Setting Mix. Remove tomato skins and cores Not seeds and cut into small pieces. bring to boil and cook till soft. Add Jam setting mix and stir till dissolved. Add sugar and boil for 15 mins. Add Vitafresh- stir to dissolve and boil further 5 minutes. Makes approx 2.5 litres of jam.

Chef_petal1955, Apr 8, 3:41 pm

Thanks so much will be busy tomorrow making Jam.

Chef_jude2, Apr 8, 4:49 pm

Just to let you know Jam turned out fine.

Chef_jude2, Apr 10, 7:59 pm

Can I have some please! Oh sssssshhhhhh everyone will want some too !

Chef_ferrit47, Apr 10, 9:12 pm

Thats Good. You enjoy on your toast.

Chef_petal1955, Oct 17, 9:14 pm

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