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holly-rocks, Apr 30, 3:39am
Was after a couple of lemons yesterday, New world had them at $26 a kilo! Grabbed some limes instead at $6 (i think) a kilo, they ended up at 60cents each and very small, would hate to think how much a lemon would be.

I have been a keen gardener for 15ish years ( still learning though) but do you think i can grow a lemon tree for more than a year, no they die each winter! At that price i really need to up my gardening skills!

$26 a kilo is a Crazy price !

kay141, Apr 30, 3:54am
It's the start of the season for NZ lemons and there was a shortage earlier this year. I first saw them at the market for $8.99 per kilo but last week, they were down to $5.99 per kilo. They will get cheaper as more become available.

stylus1, Apr 30, 3:56am
well, lemons are expensive cos most people have their own and don.t buy them from the shop!
The other day, I saw lemons from USA at Pack n Slave, they were so tiny and over $20 a kilo.
The Meyer lemon is reasonably cold hardy, they are gross feeders so you have to pile on the fertiliser. Cover them in winter if you can and be sure to give them a trim from time to time.

nauru, Apr 30, 7:36am
Not sure how much lemons are usually as we have a tree which keeps us supplied but those @ $26kg must have been imported.

sarahb5, Apr 30, 9:11am
Wow - $7.99 a kg in our local veggie shop

village.green, Apr 30, 10:09am
We have a little lemon tree, which is busy producing for us now (although still small and green). I usually get lemons from either my inlaws or local seafood shop that sells about 6-8 in a bag for $3 however they don't have any at the moment so rather than pay the extortionate prices in the shops I've been buying the NZ product 'Lemon Fresh' in a pouch that is 99.9% lemon juice and a bit of Vit C. The pouch is 245ml and costs about $6. Daughter thinks it tastes like fake lemon juice but it is actually not made from concentrate and does the job adequately when I can't get the whole fruit.

awoftam, Apr 30, 10:13am
Noooooo. Supply and demand. No demand would see prices drop. High demand sees prices high. Can't understand why so high where you saw them as there is usually a year round supply, albiet some times they are a bit dearer than others. Maybe they were very special lemons.

lythande1, Apr 30, 6:53pm
Lemons are not expensive in the vege shops up here.

willman, Apr 30, 7:51pm
I have just a few lemons on my tree, that ate yellow and yellow and green. Have picked a couple as I like a warm lemon drink with my breakfast, (1/2 a lemon is enough ). Good that they are coming back in season.

kay141, May 1, 4:38am
I saw lemons for $7.99k today in Countdown. They were American. These were in the fish bar, I never looked in the produce section.

nickyd, May 1, 8:25am
Saw this item back in January and seems nothing much has changed http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/small-business/65618574/Lemon-squeeze-Shortage-spikes-prices

village.green, May 8, 1:26am
My local fishmongers is back selling them at a really good price yay! for $2.50 get 12 small lemons in a bag.

kay141, May 8, 1:30am
They were $1.99 a kilo at the market on Saturday. Small with imperfect skins but as I only wanted the juice, I got 6 for 80c.

sla11, May 8, 1:47am
Lemon trees don't like wet feet in winter. We planted a grafted one as meant to be more hardy. And according to one very elderly lady if you give them your first "pee" every morning they grow even better!

awoftam, May 8, 5:35am
Yip. They like the nitrogen.

samanya, May 9, 6:46am
I dunno about that . did you watch the Bert Munro movie . The World's Fastest Indian? He swore by peeing on the lemon tree, but it had to be a male, for some reason!

karlymouse, May 9, 11:17am
that was on "Worlds Fastest Indian" nothing new

bev00, Aug 29, 12:08pm
lemon drink
juice of 6 lemons and the rind of 2.
1.5kg sugar (I use less)
50g each of citric and tartaric acid
25g epsom salts
2 quarts water (2.5litres)
Bring about ½ the water to a boil. Dissolve the sugar in this water.
Add the lemons, acids and epsom salts stir well and add the rest of the water. Bottle. Use approx 1part syrup to 4 parts water or soda water.

cgvl (22 22 positive feedback) 9:46 am, Sat 23 Aug #3

coralsnake, Aug 29, 12:34pm
Use Freecycle; find a friend or family who has excess.
I am lucky I have a friend whose tree crops very heavily. I buy them fertiliser in exchange for what they don't use.

I bought a citrus juicer cheap on TM and use couple of times per year squeezing the lemons [into ice-cube trays]. Also grate some of the skin and freeze as well.

cgvl, Aug 29, 12:36pm
thanks Bev00, You can make the above^^^ with limes and oranges as well. I prefer it with the lemons and limes. Oh and you can leave out the Epsom salts too. But it does need the citric and tartaric acids though.

gayle6, Aug 29, 10:59pm
Hi holly-rocks, Try advertising on Neighbourly. I have lemons listed FREE here in Hawke's Bay because I have 10 trees! Alternatively I could list an auction for you of 2kg for $10 inc courier or maybe up to 5kg for $15 (depending on size of box) inc courier. Lovely lemons with no pips.

fifie, Aug 29, 11:55pm
Buy when they are cheap if you don't have trees.
1. Zest a few and freeze.
2. Cut some into slices free flow and freeze.
3. Zested ones juice into ice cube trays freeze then pop into snaplock bags. Keeps me going all winter when they are expensive. If i have plenty i peel and free flow segments of lemons and limes then stick them in bags for the nutra bullet also, always got them then.

kay141, Aug 30, 1:26am
This thread was started in April when lemons were out of season, hence the cost. Now they are in season and while I have no idea of supermarket prices, they are $1.99 per kilo at the local market.

tarawera99, Aug 30, 2:12am
I never buy lemons. I just walk around the neighbourhood get a few from any trees overhanging the footpath. At night or early morning of course.

kay141, Aug 30, 2:22am
I hope that was a joke. I prefer to buy mine rather than steal them.

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