Surplus Green Capsicium

I have about 10 surplus green capsiciums. Any ideas what to do with them? Can they be frozen?

Chef_nettie14, Apr 15, 10:19 am

absolutely, freeze them, do not need blanching either

Chef_lilyfield, Apr 15, 10:26 am

If you don't want to use them straight away capsicums keep for ages in the fridge so maybe hold two or three back for a few weeks. Good recipes for using up lots of capsicum include shrimp gumbo and pork goulash along with many others of course but those are two of my favourites using capsicum and maybe something you hadn't thought of or tried before.

Chef_sampa, Apr 15, 10:35 am

I always freeze lots during the season so that they carry me through the winter. As the other poster said you do not need to blanche them.

Chef_janbodean, Apr 15, 10:37 am

I use freezed bought ones. great for stews, savoury scones etc. Just chopp up to size you will want before freezing them.

Chef_tramore, Oct 1, 11:20 pm

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