Double yolkers

just struck 3 double yolkers all in the same dozen box, that dont happen often , yet get a double by itself.

Chef_kecal, Jul 16, 5:20 pm

The chooks will be young layers probably

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 16, 5:29 pm

This morning I finished a six pack of jumbo eggs and they were all doubles. Awesome!

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jul 16, 5:38 pm

yep l have my latest lot of new ones laying and getting double yolkers all the time
Some are really big, poor girls

Chef_griffo4, Jul 16, 6:41 pm

Bought a dozen from a lady around the road who has free range in her garden, every one was a double yolker, amazing! we were putting bets on each egg cracked open, haven't had that happen since

Chef_soozeq, Mar 4, 8:51 pm

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