Fresh cream verses light sour cream

Is one better for you?

Chef_novices, Feb 28, 9:35 pm

Yes fresh cream most light products have added sugar

Chef_timturtle, Mar 2, 8:16 am

There is NO added sugar in lite sour cream or lite cottage cheese or anything like that! I use them all the time. "Most light products have added sugar"? Some do but try reading the label before answering aye:)

Chef_wildflower, Mar 2, 3:12 pm

Fresh cream is much better - all it contains is cream., whereas light sour cream will contain various additives to thicken and stabilise it.

Chef_davidt4, Mar 2, 3:14 pm

I am just correcting timturtles comment suggesting lite sour cream has added sugar. I use lite sour cream mixed with garlic as a salad/coleslaw dressing, preferable to mayonaise. I don't think I'd care to put cream on my nachos either!

Chef_wildflower, Mar 2, 3:30 pm

In all fairness I did say most light products contain added sugar. Sorry I didn't have any light sour cream to check the label. But agree with David4's comments.

One would assume OP was using a recipe where they could choose either product and I wouldn't use cream on nachos either.

Chef_timturtle, Jan 24, 8:49 pm

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