a lady at my wifes work gave wife a choko a couple of weeks ago and we've got no idea how to cook it, ot what it tasts like. It's a big ugly looking thing and to be honest does not look that appetising.
Her friend at work said we can grate it into a pancake

anyone got any suggestions?

Chef_muffin2, Jul 31, 4:17 pm

One of my favourities.

Peel the green skin off, will be a bit slimy take out the middle core then cut flesh into quarters. Steam or lightly boil and it is wonderful with a cheese sauce. I am going to use it in stir frys this year and I have had it roasted as well.

Chef_skydancing, Jul 31, 4:32 pm

You can do anything with it you can do with a courgette. They have a lot of water in them and a very mild taste. You could just add it to a soup for extra nutrients. Chopped small or grated they will disappear in it.

Chef_ahaaaaa, Jul 31, 5:57 pm

Choko's are brilliant in Stir Fries. NZ Asian Restaurants use them finely sliced in place of tinned soft Bamboo Shoots, but added at the last minute for crunch. Try it!

Chef_snapperheadrkp, Jul 31, 5:59 pm

Oh NO!
That is terrible.
No comparison to moso shoots at all!

Chef_uli, Jul 31, 6:09 pm

i like them in salards but if you cook them they go slimmy

Chef_whitehead., Aug 1, 3:46 pm

Apparently, if cooked with sugar, they are a good substitute for apple of pears in puddings.

Chef_leonieb, Aug 1, 4:21 pm

or pears.

Chef_leonieb, Aug 1, 4:22 pm

If they go "slimmy" you could be good for a few kilos loss!

Chef_uli, Aug 1, 5:22 pm

Choko's are surprisingly good. I just slice fine and sauté in a little butter and pepper.

Chef_beaker59, Aug 1, 5:29 pm

Choko soup is wonderful - got to add bacon and flavorings of course. and I tried them steamed with cheese sauce for the first time this year - beautiful!
If its an older gnarly looking choko it will not be as nice as the younger tender ones.

Chef_dibble35, Aug 1, 6:11 pm

sliced thin and fried in garlic butter they are so nice I grow them and live on them all year they are packed with all the good things

Chef_ritebuy, Aug 2, 8:14 am

If you are going to add to fruit pies they are and extender, not a replacement. Nice raw in salads, they also make a wonderful mustard pickle.

Chef_arielbooks, Aug 2, 10:45 am

Make choko relish ,very nice with cheese and crackers.

Chef_moparpete, Aug 2, 6:42 pm

We harvest them in early autumn for cooking (about half the size of what they are when ripe). No need to peel then, just slice, sautee in butter with a few onions. Or make into a lovely soup with bacon and cream. Add to stir fries etc. Fully grown ones need to be peeled (a sticky business) and gutted - as the area around the seed would have gone hard by now.

Chef_uli, Jan 27, 4:50 am

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