Bench top oven question

I have been given a second hand bench top oven which I think I would find very useful. The place I would like to put it is on a bench which is under cupboards. The worry I have though is that the top of the oven got very hot when I tried it and although there is a good size gap between the top of the oven and the cupboards they still got hot. Does anyone have a bench top oven with a top surface that does not get hot? Perhaps one of the newer models? This one is about 7 years old.

Chef_lynja, May 30, 6:30 am

Mine is only 6 months old, and does get very hot on top. In fact it came with a warning sticker to that effect, so it's probably standard, in most brands, at least. Compared to a real kitchen oven, the walls are very thin, so there's not much between the top element and the top exterior. Good for heating a dinner plate on top, though!

I don't think they're intended to be housed in any kind of enclosed space.

Chef_kaddiew, May 30, 8:55 am

Mine is quite a new one too, and yes, it does get hot on top. When I first got it I checked with my daughter who has one and she said hers is the same so as kaddiew said, it's probably standard due to the walls being thin. Great little ovens though, I use mine all the time. I do my baking in it including my bread, much cheaper than using the full size oven when there is only two of us.

Chef_nauru, May 30, 4:34 pm

Thank you for your replies. I am wondering about getting something to put on top which would stop the heat damaging the cupboards. There would be a good 6in space but don't want to risk a fire!

Chef_lynja, May 30, 8:19 pm

Attach some fireproof wall board under the shelf. Will also help to stop the heat affecting the cupboard.

Chef_thewomble1, May 30, 9:57 pm

Thanks thewombie1, good idea. I am sure it must be a problem for others as these ovens are often designed for small space kitchens.

Chef_lynja, May 31, 7:32 am

Thanks tanju2, I will go and look at that model and see if the top is different than the one I have.

Chef_lynja, Jun 1, 8:24 am

We have just recently bought this one: really love it. Have seen them on sale about $299. Have used it so much more than I thought I would - cooked a cake yesterday and have cooked slices, pies, desserts, cheese on toast, roast veges, kept plates warm. It makes a better job of baking than my usual big oven. It does get quite warm on top though. The other thing I love about it is the fact it only takes approx 2 mins to get up to heat!

Chef_nickyd, Jun 1, 5:23 pm

I see mine is under a cupboard maybe about 10 inches bottom of cupboard is just warm

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 1, 5:42 pm

What a dilemma lynja. I too have a "little oven" and find the top does
indeed get very hot. Better to be safe than sorry though.
Perhaps someone with Fire Brigade connections could advise you?

Chef_sue62, Jun 19, 1:17 pm

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