Brussel sprouts ? glazed?

I had these lovely glazed brussel sprouts at our local RSA -Katikati.
They seem to have some sort of glaze/dressing & were very yummy. Any ideas recipes out there?

Chef_niffer13, Aug 1, 5:54 pm

Tons. There was a thread I started on these wee gems a week or so ago, could have a look at that? I also google new recipes all the time.

Chef_awoftam, Aug 1, 6:11 pm

Brussel sprouts are very nice either steamed or roasted and glazed with pomegranate molasses and a sprinkling of flaked almonds just before serving. We had these roasted as a side with tonights tea.

Chef_nauru, Aug 1, 6:31 pm

They are also delicious very thinly sliced, lightly sautéed in butter with salt and pepper and sliced almonds mixed in. We have them like this all the time. Yum.

Chef_scarlettnz, Aug 1, 6:56 pm

2tb cider vinegar
3tb .brown sugar
1tb mustard
1tb butter
Heat and pour over sprouts.
can add chopped almonds or cashews

Chef_clawed2, Aug 1, 7:10 pm

I just do my home grown (piddly little sprouts) with a dash of butter, lemon & freshly ground pepper . they are so tiddly & don't need a lot else . imo.

Chef_samanya, Aug 1, 7:14 pm

Lightly steamed whole, then sliced in half and sautéed briefly in a little butter with some finely diced crispy bacon (maybe prosciutto if you have a bit lying about), pine nuts & maple syrup. Delissimo!

Chef_patsprat, Aug 2, 12:43 pm

The tiddlier the better. Tiddly sprouts are the best sprouts.

Chef_awoftam, Jan 27, 11:06 pm

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