Bacon cooked in water

Have heard bacon cooked in water is better than frying.How much water do you use etc.

Chef_elleg1, Mar 29, 10:56 am

My husband heard the radio program and tried it and it was very very nice!
You cover the bacon in the hot pan with water and then let the pan boil dry- or as long as till the bacon is to your liking (eg we like it crisp)

Chef_pjsix, Mar 29, 11:09 am

You wouldn't need to be in a hurry

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 29, 11:42 am

Dont know about water, but i make Mr bacon ends browned up and then cooked in s/cooker in milk served with a cheese parsley and onion sauce over it and he loves it with a warm crusty bread.

Chef_fifie, Mar 29, 12:46 pm

I grill it.
And only use streaky bacon. comes up nice and crispy.

Chef_lythande1, Mar 29, 2:40 pm

I've tried the water method and it works well. You use just enough water to barely cover the surface of the frying pan. It takes no longer than cooking bacon in fat or in a dry pan and the fat is rendered out evenly, leaving the bacon very crisp. This is with dry cured bacon. I don't know if it would work with cheap bacon that is full of additives.

Chef_davidt4, Mar 29, 2:51 pm

rince bacon under a running tape shake and toss in a dry hot pan will crisp up and cook really nicely

Chef_whitehead., Mar 29, 9:29 pm

Stuff that, just cook it in the Mwave, on high about 1 minute each piece, stays soft, but nice and hot.
Just needs a paper towel over it to stop the splatter.

Chef_aj.2., Nov 18, 1:51 pm