Long-life cream

What can I use in replace of thanks

Chef_sticky232, Jun 4, 2:51 pm

sticky232, what are you wanting to make with the cream? I think that you should be ok to use fresh cream in place of the long life cream. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 4, 2:54 pm

Use it in a pasta dish

Chef_sticky232, Jun 4, 3:33 pm

Haven't any cream

Chef_sticky232, Jun 4, 3:34 pm

sticky232, I see that you are wanting to make a pasta dish.

Do you have any evaporated milk? Using that instead of cream will make the dish less rich and I would expect it may give a runnier result as well. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 4, 3:46 pm

Use coconut cream or of you haven;t got any then you could make a sauce using milk butter and flour to thicken it .

Chef_lcl2, Jun 20, 6:58 am

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