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Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Island Feast, 9.40pm Thursdays on Choice.

Not sure if this is a repeat, but it's the first time I've seen it. Last episode it was Corsica - with Sardinia, Mallorca and Crete to come. So good to watch.

The recipes are all here:

Chef_kaddiew, Jan 3, 8:05 am

The Ottolenghi show has been screened before but I'll probably watch it again as both he and his food are so engaging.

Chef_davidt4, Jan 3, 8:12 am

Thanks for clarifying. I've only seen the ones he's done in the middle east. Yes, he certainly is engaging.

Chef_kaddiew, Jan 3, 8:31 am

I haven't watched tv for ages so are there any good cooking shows on now, or in the near future?

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Mar 20, 8:16 pm

A new one coming up on Choice. Million Dollar Criitic with Giles Coren. I liked Gikes in that programme with Sue Perkins about food through history.
Choice, Tuesdays at 7.30 starting April 12.
Set in North America he goes on the hunt for hidden gems of restaurants.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 6:14 pm

Excellent - thank you! April 12 is a Sunday, so is it April 14?

TV2 has MKR "coming soon" but they don't say if it's Australian or NZ.

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 1, 7:26 pm

You're right! It screens on Sundays. Even better.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 7:30 pm

April 20 - MKR Australia current series starts.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 7:55 pm

you get the day wrong, and I am busy,looking at what is coming up on Prime lol - sheesh, brain farts all round lol

have now booked it, so see how it goes :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Apr 9, 8:16 pm

The Giles Coren show, Million Dollar Critic, starts tonight on Choice.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 13, 10:34 am

Thanks for the reminder! : )

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 13, 12:11 pm

Well, I enjoyed that show. All restaurants very different in every way!

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 14, 11:12 am

6pm Sunday on Prime - Great British Bake off, starting with a Masterclass (thank goodness work colleagues were telling me about a new series of CSI that I had not heard of lol)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Apr 16, 8:30 pm

Despite my good intentions, I missed it.

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 19, 12:35 pm

Excellent thanks! So is it actually a new series? Prime says it's New Season, but followed by "the calm after the baking storm".

Masterclass: (New Season) It's the calm after the baking storm, and Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry take over the Bake Off tent, tackling treacle tarts, rum babas, crème caramels, raised pies and plaited loaves.

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 19, 12:38 pm

Lovely to have old favourites back again, including MKR!

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 19, 1:52 pm

Patisserie with Michel Roux Jr starts Thursday April 30 at 7.30pm on

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 20, 9:00 am

Great thanks! : )

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 20, 9:30 am

The Bake Off masterclasses start tonight on Prime at 6pm and then there's Giles on Choice at 7.30pm. MKR Australia starts tomorrow night on TV2 at 7.30.
Getting busy again!

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 20, 9:32 am

Al Brown is to be one of the judges on the upcoming NZ Masterchef. The other 2 yet to be named.

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 24, 10:22 am

That'll be a nice change. Thanks for that tidbit. Who else would you like to see judging? Michael van der Elzen would be fun but he probably smiles too much.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 24, 10:40 am

He definitely would be fun, but might not be able to do "stern". Think he'd be good on NZ MKR, in place of either of those previous two wooden judges!

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 24, 11:01 am

And you're all going to hate NZ Masterchef before it even starts, except me, I'm gona love it

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 24, 2:07 pm

Not necessarily! The addition of Al Brown has already improved it.

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 24, 2:54 pm

No Way, I'm going to love it like I love all the cooking shows - yep, I will grump and complain but still watch avidly :-0 It's my food porn/escapism :-)

Chef_murfee, Apr 24, 3:18 pm I think he'll do a great job.
Others? Peter Gordon? He has a relaxed and easy kinda style that might not be what they're looking for - most judges seem to be people that can keep. the. suspense. going. ! lol

Simon Wright, from The French Cafe?

Judith Tabron from Soul Bar and Bistro. be good to have a woman.

There's the head chef from The Langham too, what is his name.

Michael Meredith.

Maybe the Irish chef from the Sky City, Auckland restaurant who had a tv series about the creating of his restaurant there, including going out to find recipes, trial them then decide which would go on his menu. can't think of his name.

Found it - he's Sean Connelly, who has The Grill by Sean Connolly

Chef_floralsun, Apr 28, 3:48 pm

I would think that both Simon and Michael would be far happier in their own kitchens. Sean could be a starter. I suppose they'll start filming soon.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Apr 28, 3:56 pm

what channel was the Sean Connelly programme on? I quite liked the UK version, No Taste like Home, didn't know we'd had a version as well :( (think that was the name)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Apr 28, 4:22 pm

Here you are - it was 'Under the Grill'

Chef_floralsun, Apr 28, 4:55 pm

Reminder for Patisserie with Michel Roux Jnr tonight 7.30pm on Choice

Chef_kaddiew, May 1, 3:28 pm

Pioneer Woman was on Choice Tuesday at 4pm

Chef_melp6, May 1, 3:30 pm

Thanks both of you.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 1, 3:43 pm

sorry, forgot to thank you for that. unfortunately it won't play on the ipad, but might try over the weekend on something else :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, May 1, 8:03 pm

Chocolate Perfection with Michel Roux Jnr, tonight 7.30pm on Choice

Chef_kaddiew, May 8, 3:57 pm

A wonderful programme tonight. Thanks for the reminder.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 8, 8:35 pm

It was lovely.

Chef_kaddiew, May 9, 8:15 am

I'd go so far as to say that this series is the best TV work Michel has done.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 9, 9:01 am

Masterchef Junior USA, starts tonight, 7.30pm on Prime. Season Premiere, same judges (Ramsay & co).

Chef_kaddiew, May 10, 10:00 am

Bump for anyone looking for a cooking show tonight.

Chef_kaddiew, May 10, 6:25 pm

I agree. It was a fantastic show and very educational as well! I love to hear him speaking French.

Chef_davidt4, May 10, 8:14 pm

I don't like Sean, ive never seen anything he has done as being interesting/exciting or complex. also he lives in aussie and has a restaurant there, so he isn't much of a kiwi. is there any reason they wouldn't use Ray or Josh again? Micheal van de Elzen - I think he has a great personality, Peta Mathis would be a hoot for it! Antony Foy Hong also great on tv.

Chef_motorbo, May 11, 8:02 am

DT4 - do you have the first episode of the patisserie Series? I missed that one.
Kaddiew - what was Masterchef US Junior like? I missed that too! I really must get my viewing sorted out. Time to get back in to MKR too although that will be a long drawn out series I suspect.
Anyway, it's Giles tonight and I'm loving him.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 11, 11:27 am

Masterchef Junior was awesome!

I suggest you watch it, it's so cute seeing the kids barely able to see over the bench. Man can they cook! One little girl was in floods of tears, she thought she'd overseasoned her potatoes, Gordon Ramsay came along and calmed her down, and told her she hadn't.

Chef_melp6, May 11, 11:30 am

I can help with junior masterchef, if you want, but the patisserie series we've been watching live and not taping.

Chef_unknowndisorder, May 11, 2:36 pm

Thanks Unknown, but I'll catch it next week.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 11, 2:56 pm

I enjoyed it, but OMG what confident, self assured mini adults some of these kids are! The 12? year old boy dressed like his dad in shirt and waistcoat, complete with all the trendy "chef speak" I found to be rather obnoxious- but they all sure can cook.

Chef_kaddiew, May 11, 3:03 pm

No, I didn't record it. When is it on? I'll try to record the rest of the series. It would be hard to beat his chocolate show though.

Chef_davidt4, May 11, 3:36 pm


He was 12

Chef_melp6, May 11, 3:42 pm

DT4 - the two patisserie programmes preceded the chocolate one. Maybe they'll re screen it.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 11, 4:36 pm

I saw a bit of it and it struck me that the judges seemed to be as scripted as the Oz and NZ version. Agree, rather like come dine.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Aug 10, 9:55 pm

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