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biggles45, Feb 4, 11:23pm
I don't find her arrogant at all. Just the opposite really, I feel that she lacks confidence and gets a bit overwhelmed by the task. She appears to be genuinely delighted when she is praised for a great dish.

lodgelocum, Feb 5, 7:41am
The one that cries the most obviously wins.

deanna14, Feb 5, 7:46am
I agree. It's more a mannerism than arrogance.

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 5, 9:58pm
Oh bless Emelia and what a genuine heart felt episode that was last night my tears flowed with her during her Grandmas apple tree recreation I could not help it and I am sure her Grandma was watching over her being the 2nd Anniversary of her passing. And after listening to that podcast she is the darling of the house too always helping out others. Something else I was pleased to hear in that podcast because it confirmed what I had observed from that night market challenge onwards was that there was certainly controversy surrounding Tash who spoke out after being eliminated saying she was alienated by all the other contestants and I don't know if anyone else on here has noticed but the in the Masterchef promo they have cut and edited it and have culled all contestants after Georgia down and guess who the next contestant after Georgia was, none other than Tash. I am sure in all the previous 5 series they have always promoted all contestants right until the very last show whether they were eliminated or not.

socram, Feb 6, 12:52am
I don't think any guest chef has inspired the contestants more than Heston. He really made them think outside the square, even if what they produced didn't win, they must be all the richer for the experience.

rebecca18, Feb 6, 1:59am
What a load of rubbish, honestly!

deanna14, Feb 6, 2:18am
Absolutely, what an amazing opportunity.

fruitbat, Feb 6, 2:20am
Yeah it's a real cry fest on there. Excellent for the ratings. You know the dude on the adds that cooks pasta. I WEEP when I cook!. LOL

boop2, Feb 6, 4:49am
I think Marco was every bit as good as Heston he is a greatt character.

kaddiew, Feb 6, 5:04am
We haven't seen Adriano Zumbo with one of his scary constructions so far on this series - but please don't say if it's coming up in case it's a spoiler.

Just watched a rerun of one of his programmes in which he made 23- carat gold macarons, hamburger macarons - and pig's blood and chocolate macarons with a blood jelly filling. ?

paora-tm, Feb 6, 5:16am
Brent doesn't cry a lot does he?

waswoods, Feb 6, 8:18am
What's a South Afrikaans? Afrikaans is a language

matakatia, Feb 6, 8:25am
Heck where is tonights episode?

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 6, 8:31am
It's been postponed to start again next Weds night 11th Feb

matakatia, Feb 6, 8:36am
Cheers thanks. is that our end or their end?

matakatia, Feb 6, 8:43am
Has TV NZ postponed it for the rugby or has it been postponed in Australia? I can't seem to find any information anywhere.

matakatia, Feb 6, 8:48am
Oh no! I have just seen this.
roup-2926351 That's crazy we will be SO behind!

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 6, 8:50am
Just postponed here in NZ I personally don't know why but am guessing for the Rugby or maybe even final of The Block on TV3 but it will resume again on Weds night don't worry

esther-anne, Mar 24, 9:15am
Good heavens. you must live not far from me - and my name is also Renée.
One of those coincidences that pop up occasionally!

I presume you mean Australia when you say 'their end'? The series has been over in Australia - for quite some time I think. We are just getting it second-hand so to speak!

It's not on these two nights because of the Rugby Sevens taking precedence.

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