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terraalba, Jan 31, 11:19pm
I thought the test with the bird's nest desert was more of a test of interpretation of what people read. How close do they read the detail? Some people read more in an overview way rather than pick up nuances. It was almost an intelligence kind of test.
No recipe, no tasting, smelling, no touching and no sighting meant those contestants who do well using sight, taste, touch, smell and good at following instructions had none of that to help them but contestants who can use imagination and visualise in the mind would do better.
Brent has been reading books and looking into plate presentation so it might be paying off for him.
I thought all the lads did well last night. I felt sorry for Jamie who missed that one second he needed to keep in his mind to plate the sauce.
I'd like to know how soon after they film the comments about what they were doing that they overlay with the actual cook-off showing.
Both Tracy and Amy seem to be showing the strain of their long commitment. From what I've read, they do have a very full-on cooking even when they are off-duty from the filming.

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 1, 12:00am
Are you being complimentary rainrain1? I have had so many bashings on here for my observations I am not sure and I am sorry I have to ask

flyingwitch, Feb 1, 12:10am
i think they could have marked Jamie on the sauce as he had made it i guess if it had been Laura that would have happened

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 1, 12:14am
Jamie was not penalised for leaving the sauce off his dish as he was not in the bottom 2

rainrain1, Feb 1, 12:17am
You decide dearie

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 1, 12:19am
I will say thank you then

rainrain1, Feb 1, 12:21am
I thought he could have taken the sauce up with the plated fish, and poured it on the plate at the table

terraalba, Feb 1, 12:24am
True he wasn't sent upstairs to watch the rest of the week but he missed his chance for special mention or being the winner.
He was fortunate that two others had flaws that were considered reasons for elimination.

Rainrain1, From what I've observed it's alright to but it in a sauce jug or bowl and pour it on in front of the judges but Jamie had it sitting in something that didn't look like a serving dish, rather a mixing bowl or similar.
I understand that the judges do go around looking and tasting some sauces while they are still hot. So of course they knew it was made at least. Blumenthal seemed to approve of the sauce when he saw Jamie at the work bench.
I wonder how much of the food they taste is cold before the judges get to sample when judging.

kaddiew, Feb 1, 1:00am
I'm pretty sure all dishes are tasted and judged before the actual filmed "tasting".

kaddiew, Feb 1, 1:02am
Yes, he was. Others just happened to do worse than he did.

melp6, Feb 1, 1:06am
I was reading something where the food is ALL cold when it's sampled for judges

The judges wander round sampling this sauce, and that dish and have an idea of what it *should* taste like if it was hot(or preferred serving temperature)

Sorry, that's not quite correct. Here's a wee snippet of something I was reading

Australia Masterchef winner FAQ: "It wasn’t cold – but it was at room temperature. The re-setting of cameras and other behind-the-scenes things that need to happen meant that the food did have to cool off for a while before it was judged. Often the judges would come around as we cooked and taste things hot before time was up, but the food the viewers see them eating is at room temperature."

tanyash, Feb 1, 1:07am
yeah it's good eh . I went hunting online which I don't recommend but I was curious to know if Renae felt cheated in her final challenge and I came across that instead and had to veto it to ensure there were NO SPOILERS for others .

She's got her head screwed on right , in something else I read she was only upset with herself , as she said all the clues were in the box in front of her but she gave up midway after burning 2 batches of choc and said to herself nah. I can't do it and that was the end of it for her

terraalba, Feb 1, 2:25am
Yes I suppose we have to give them that there is a difference between room temperature as in no longer hot and cold as in straight from the fridge. It is Australia after all where temperatures are different from here. Studio temperatures may have some influence on food temperature.

I am sure you realised also that when I wrote "cold", I meant no longer at the hot temperature that it was intended to be eaten. I centainly did not mean cold as from the fridge or completely cooled down either.

slimgym, Feb 1, 11:49am

and so good

unknowndisorder, Feb 1, 6:57pm
It was interesting to hear what she said abut Emelia, as she is probably the villain in this series, how she is lovely but gets to work in the kitchen and her race face is on.

I am going nowhere Google, I rather manage to keep the winner hidden, and that becomes my challenge for the series. I know with MKR near the end I was fed up with it, and decided I did not care who won, so searched for something and instantly came up with the winners lol :)

540trickzter, Feb 3, 9:42pm
Wonder how well Gary and George would've kept up. I think Gary would struggle to keep the speed up.

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 3, 11:45pm
I thought George was very rude last night diving in 1st before Heston to taste the contestants dish

strebor1, Feb 4, 2:43am
Gosh they certainly worked their butts off last night. I felt tired watching them, and I thought they did really well! I love beetroot and I think it would have tasted great. Heston seems to be well liked by them all.

kaddiew, Feb 4, 8:11am
Amy is irritating me at the moment, coming across as smug, with a very high opinion of her own abilities (and yes, doing well right now). It reminds me of how Emelia was perceived in the early stages of the game.

socram, Feb 4, 8:32am
I'm constantly amazed that so many of these clever cooks have such major issues with time! They either run out of it; do dumb stuff like trying heat up 4 litres of liquid for four table spoons of sauce; choose dishes that need cooking for ages; choose dishes that are impossible to plate quickly; spend forever on prep; expect stuff to cook/freeze/chill in no time at all - then they get super stressed.

They produce some amazing last minute stuff at times, but rarely do they get things done early.

esther-anne, Feb 4, 8:32am
Oh I don't agree kaddiew - she can't possibly get Emilia's supercilious sneer emulated to perfection. Not at all the right curl of the lip!

Seriously though - I don't find her smug at all I think she's quite a humble woman just slightly intoxicated with her own success at the moment.

unknowndisorder, Feb 4, 9:17am
Amy just comes across as a typical South Afrikaans - arrogant. I have met very few I have got on with (only one and he came here as a kid, others I have had varying degrees of dislike).

Irene Van Dyk is similar in how she comes across, and I have revised my opinion of her over the years (netball/rugby all the same to me, but probably think more of the netball players) lol

kaddiew, Feb 4, 9:56am
I actually think Emelia has lost her smugness, and appears to be as unsure of herself as any of them now.

r_o_s_i_t_a, Feb 4, 10:39am
I really felt for Brent I could see the sting in his eyes when he lost tonight he is Heston's biggest fan out of all in the top 7 and he was really hurting knowing that he is not going to be cooking for Heston Blumenthal anymore

esther-anne, Feb 4, 11:14pm
Yes you're right of course - and she is much more likeable for it. Hence the tongue-in-cheek!

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