Freezing a quiche

Im wanting to make a large quiche then freeze it in single serves to have for my breakfast when I'm in a hurry. Do they taste ok from frozen? Are they watery?

Chef_angel404, Feb 5, 6:50 pm

yes the eggs tend to separate a bit with freezing, but I don't care, eat it anyway if hungry enough

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 5, 7:09 pm

I often make a batch of individual quiches and freeze for later use for quick lunches when time is short. I've never had the eggs separate upon thawing though. I have also frozen small quiche savouries successfully too.

Chef_nauru, Feb 5, 7:33 pm

I freeze quiche all the time. It's fine but better reheated in oven rather than microwave v

Chef_wachael1, Feb 5, 9:10 pm

no. go ahead and freeze they are fine.

Chef_boop2, Mar 27, 11:08 pm

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