Hey. Going to attempt covering cake with fondant for a kids birthday party. Question can I do it the night before cover it in cling wrap and leave in fridge? Will it get dry?

Chef_izzy_c, Apr 14, 5:19 pm

don't put fondant in the fridge. Make it then put in an air tight container in the pantry or somewhere where it wont get too warm

robyn35 (616 616 positive feedback) 5:51 pm, Sat 28 Jun #2
(Thought should quickly post so that you don't wreck all your hard work) :)

Chef_unknowndisorder, Apr 14, 5:31 pm

I would leave it on the bench, put a fly cover over it .

Chef_lilyfield, Apr 14, 5:32 pm

Thank you. Not making it until next week so I will make sure it just gets put in the cupboard.

Chef_izzy_c, Oct 10, 9:45 pm

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