Green beans-suggestions!

schnauzer11, Apr 7, 10:29am
We planted more runner-beans than we needed. Picking regularly, but would love suggestions for recipes. Was never happy, in the past, with the result of blanching/freezing. Just getting tired of beeeaaannss! I'm a creative cook, but would like something new to do with the blasted things, as I know they're so good for you. Hellp!

cgvl, Apr 7, 10:35am
Sorry I can't help with foodie suggestions but our neighbours and friends have been getting our excess. I hate them in any way but fresh and crunchy if cooked. I have added them raw to salads., Apr 7, 10:39am
This recipe is really good and uses 1kg. Don't be put off by the olive oil amount, it does all absorb in, however you could reduce if horrified by it. It is great, as recipe says to serve with feta cheese, we eat like that plus some nice fresh bread. Will taste even better the next day.
If it's any consolation we have had about 24kg of round pole beans this last couple of months plus smaller amount of runners. Good thing with pole beans (round beans) is they don't need topping and tailing. My husband's experiment of growing them up some metal framework, reaching up to the gutters in a sunny spot, in a raised veg bed was very successful.

samanya, Apr 8, 12:07am
I've made this recipe of Nigel Slater's with runner beans & it's very good.

sampa, Apr 8, 1:06am
Lucky you, ours were a bit dismal this year and I adore fresh runner beans (can't stand frozen beans though) with a couple of exceptions. I have found them (blanched, frozen runners) good even once frozen to throw into casseroles, soups and stews. It seems to redeem them to have housemates sharing the cook pot with them so maybe that would work for you too. Worth a try to use them up anyway.

Good luck.

bisloy, Oct 24, 6:06pm
Love them pan fried with butter and sliced carrots and garlic. Otherwise with bacon and a little onion in white sauce, served on bread and butter. Yummy!

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