Why Why is everything burning?

Just got a new Bosch Wall oven. I am finding its burning all my baking. Even if i watch it like a hawk. Turned it down to 170 and still too hot. So different to my other one when generally i had to extend time. So annoying. What do you cooking your baking on? . a friend says she cooks hers at 160 all the time? Its driving me mad.

Chef_molly37, Jul 26, 1:30 pm

All ovens are different and it takes a bit of getting used to how it cooks.
Turn it down some more, adjust where on the racks it is etc.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 26, 1:48 pm

Buy an oven thermometer and find out how accurate the oven temperature gauge is.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 26, 2:29 pm

Yes, under the circumstances, for the small expenditure, best to purchase one and see exactly what's going on.

Much sympathy. darn annoying to have all your best efforts turning to cinders. :(

Chef_sampa, Jul 26, 7:06 pm

From what?

Chef_paora-tm, Jul 26, 7:34 pm

Is it on grill?

Chef_summersunnz, Jul 26, 11:53 pm

Recipes generally state to cook at 180 so a friend suggested to turn down as she cooks all her baking and she is a caterer at around 160. No not on grill.
Its a matter of trial and error I guess. Just an expensive and annoying one.

Chef_molly37, Jul 27, 6:59 am

Oh, I have just purchased a Bosch wall oven but I have only used it to heat some food just to try it out. There are just so many cooking options - around 10 of them. Looks like I'll have to keep a close eye on things I cook.

Chef_pogram0, Jul 27, 9:23 pm

Every oven is different, took me a few goes to get new one sorted when we moved it is a english one. Seems to cook lot hotter now I bake 160 instead of 180 and its fine, google there will be a forum somewhere to help.

Chef_fifie, Jul 28, 8:19 am

Molly I have a Bosch Wall Oven. I use the second symbol on the left knob and 160 C on the right knob. Also I bake on the second rung from the bottom - is this what you do?

Chef_melford, Feb 3, 9:15 pm

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