Green curry paste - where do I buy this?

Can't find this in the supermarket, where else should I look please?

Chef_midgetmum, Apr 22, 10:58 pm

In the supermarket you'll find it with the herbs and spices. PaknSave stocks Greg's, which comes in a little glass jar of 160g. In a typical PnS store layout, look for that big rack with herbs and spices packets. It's usually in the same rack.
If not supermarket, I would try any "Asian specialty" shop. Don't know where the nearest one to you is, but the Yellowpages work wonders.

Chef_bioflunz, Apr 22, 11:06 pm

A better Supermarket. They should have some.
If not, then an Asian Foodstore.

Chef_flancrest, Apr 22, 11:08 pm

Did you actually ask at the supermarket? Maybe it's located in an area different from where you were looking. I'd be surprised if a supermarket didn't stock it.

Chef_hd07, Apr 23, 6:54 am

Go to a asian supermarket they have better stuff there

Chef_bosch2006, Apr 23, 10:20 am

both countdown and new-world stock it, choice of brands also

Chef_illusion_, Apr 23, 10:35 am

Asian supermarkets are best and super cheap! Are a fair bit spicier than the ones you can get at a normal supermarket.
Failing that it's easy enough to make we use a recipe from Aussie Woman Weekly:

Ground coriander, ground cumin, green chillies, garlic, ginger, spring onions, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal (I keep a supply of the last 3 in the freezer), coriander root and stems, shrimp paste (in the freezer again) and peanut oil :)

Chef_antoniab, Sep 20, 1:54 pm

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