Exactly what did you eat today?

I've been lurking a bit, and thinking that this could be an interesting idea for a thread because we're all in the same boat. I struggle but I have a friend who always tells me that there were no fat people in the concentration camps so I need to consider this. Who wants to start?

Chef_bromhead, May 19, 9:45 pm

Breaky piece toast and coffee.
Lunch. Cheese and pickle sandwich, with a citrus ginger juice to wash it down
Dinner. Beef casserole mash steamed brocolli, mixed vegs
Baked apple and icecream for pud.
Supper Cup of tea.

Chef_fifie, May 19, 10:02 pm

Is this thread for those who need to lose weight?
I'm not needing to lose weight, but for what it's worth, I had coffee & toast for breakfast, a small cup of soup (home made) for lunch & chicken drums with a KFC type coating (airfried) plus a big lettuce salad with egg, tomato, celery, grated carrot, cucumber, spring onion & smashed potatoes for dinner & a small Moro bar for the sweet treat after (loved it) but shouldn't have scoffed it! . that was the guilt trip for the day.
Good luck if you need to lose weight, it's not easy but once you start with healthy diet type food, it will soon become your fave type food.

Chef_samanya, May 19, 10:10 pm

I had. Two pieces of paleo bread with marmite and avocado for breakfast.

For lunch two pieces of Buckwheat and Corn bread, one with coconut oil and cashew butter, one with coconut oil and tahini and honey.

Afternoon tea a cup of tea and a muffin

Dinner, two wraps with meatballs,spinach,parsnips and mustard in it.

After dinner, a cup of warm milk and a banana.

I'm actually missing a meal here because I usually have a second breakfast.

Chef_guinevere2, May 19, 10:57 pm

2 toasts with sliced fresh tomato. The toast is small as I make my own bread.
Lunch - small bowl microwaved leftover chicken stew (chicken, capsicums, onions, with pasta).
Dinner crumbed schnitzels, peas, cauli, mas made with potato and pumpkin.
Other -- cups of tea.

Chef_lythande1, May 20, 7:49 am

Breakfast - eggs, mushrooms and about a cup of leftover veggies.
Lunch - dinner plate full of steamed veggies and a few slices of leftover cold meat.
Late afternoon - a few raw pecans and a piece of 100% cacao.
Dinner - beef casserole and a lots of steamed veggies.
Drinks were water and a cup of black coffee.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 20, 8:05 am

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, tomato, kumara, coffee with cream
Lunch: unwseetened yoghurt, stewed apple and blackberries, banana
Dinner: chicken kebabs, kumara, salad of lettuce, cress, mint, red onion, persimmon, dates, pistachio, dill, Matapiro olive oil, cider vinegar.

Chef_davidt4, May 20, 8:24 am

yum. I want to eat more like this. Im just too used to eating bread.

Chef_guinevere2, May 20, 8:26 am

It's very hard to give up bread, but in my experience it is totally worth the effort.

Chef_davidt4, May 20, 10:06 am

Breakfast - 50g oatmeal porridge, 15g molasses thicken with 3/4c water. Stir in 50g yoghurt before eating. I cup of tea. Lunch - 30g toasted Molenberg, 43g sealord low fat tuna, 25g cottage cheese with chives, 40g raw carrot, sliced, 40 g cucumber, sliced, 40g beetroot in brine. I small banana, 2 krispies, cup of tea. Dinner - 100g prepared oxtail casserole, 40g each carrots, parsnip, swede, pototo, broccilli, cauli and 13g surprise peas. Cup of tea, medium Gala apple, 2 krispies. And I have maintained my weight loss of 56lbs (27kg) for 4 years. I do vary my dinner, and occasionally my lunch but brekkie is the same - unless on holiday of course.! Oh and at least 7-8 glasses of water a day, plus 30min walking a day.

Chef_elsielaurie1, May 20, 2:59 pm

Doesn't such precise weighing become tedious, elsielaurie1? I'm not sure I could be that motivated, even though it would certainly do me some good.

Well done on the weight loss!

Chef_kaddiew, May 20, 3:35 pm

It is winter so I eat when I am hungry. If that means not eating all day then I don't. When I do eat it will lean heavily on the side of fresh, unprocessed foods.

Drinks are a major problem for those wishing to lose weight. Many do not realise just how much they contribute to weight gain. If you take sugar in your hot drinks or prefer sugary drinks, then try and cut down on the sugar first. It will help. Same with dairy. Dairy can catch people unawares with how much weight can be gained by consuming small portions in their many cups of tea or coffee each day. Fat in milk is not the issue, it is the lactose and there is more of that in low fat milk, measure for measure, than in full fat milk.

Chef_buzzy110, May 20, 3:39 pm

I live in Perth so 4 hours behind NZ. Only lunch time here. I had a gastric sleeve done just over 3 months ago so I don't do as bigger portions. For breakfast I had 1/2 cup of special K with HiLo milk (I think that is light blue milk back home) with 1/2 scoop protein powder and 2 tbs diced fruit. For morning tea a small skinny latte and for lunch thinking about a small tin of tuna with half piece of grainy toast and some mayo (about 1/2 tbs) and 4 grape tomatoes. Have not decided on afternoon tea. Dinner is curried meatballs and rice. I can only eat a breakfast plate size meal if I can manage to get all of it in and 6 meals a day very high in protein and very low carb/GI.

Chef_marcs, May 20, 4:15 pm

Agree here. If you don't control your dairy you do put on the weight. I have 2 cups of milk a day or 1 cup of milk and 2 slices of cheese or a tub yoghurt. Sugar content is important as well. I use an app called myfitnesspal to see what I am consuming mainly because I need to see how much protein I have consumed in a day. It is a great app.

Chef_marcs, May 20, 4:17 pm

Myfitnesspal certainly can be useful. Trouble is, for me, it's only as good as the lies I don't tell it. : )

Chef_kaddiew, May 20, 4:20 pm

Be honest just for the one day because you will be surprised to learn what exactly is going in your mouth. I too think I want to cheat with it especially when I have had a bad day and yes I still have bad days after the op. It is only a tool after all but it snaps me back on track. I think trying to get hold of a diabetes meal plan will be beneficial. It tells you what you can eat and how much and when. It helped me loose a lot of weight 8 years ago when I had gestational diabetes. I carried on doing the same diet after the baby was born and managed to loose another 12kgs. Also walking/exercising.

Chef_marcs, May 20, 4:25 pm

Bread is just so quick and easy. I feel like when I try and buy lots of vegetables to eat for lunch/breakfast as well then I end up wasting lots. Also I find it easy to stay full with bread. The other morning I tried 3 eggs,mushrooms,half a big avocado and I was hungry faster than I would have been had I had 1 egg and mushrooms with two pieces of bread?

Chef_guinevere2, May 20, 4:43 pm

Breakfast; porridge, coffee.
Mid morning ; coffee and a banana.
Lunch: salad sandwich, apple and water
Mid afternoon: cup of tea, 2 H&P flatbread crackers with cheese and gherkin.
Dinner: small scotch fillet, orange kumara, mushrooms and cauli. Half a punnet of cherry tomatoes.
Two or more cups of tea before I go to bed.
Usually I have a wine or three but haven't bothered for the last few weeks and feel better for it.

Chef_eastie3, May 20, 7:59 pm

Poached egg on ciabatta with butter.
Slice of sour dough toasted, butter and shredded left over chicken.
Vege soup.
Some cashews roasted with coconut, coriander and lite olive oil.
2 glasses red wine.
3 cups jasmin tea.

Chef_awoftam, May 20, 8:08 pm

And I have just finished polishing off a bowl of home made hummus and some ceres rice crackers - I blame everyone on here for posting what they had eaten today. made me very peckish. Now I feel over full. I very rarely over eat *cwies* now I feel horrible talk about protein overload today lol my poor system wondering what the hell I have just done. At least it was healthy I suppose.

Chef_awoftam, May 20, 9:04 pm

pita bread at breakfast.

thought I was going out for lunch - but the person I met had a coffee, so I had a coffee and scone.

lasgane for dinner

and the liquorice allsort in the middle of the afternoon - not because I needed it, but because I wanted it.

Chef_duckmoon, May 20, 9:57 pm

Half a cup of muesli and a splash of milk.
1 packet of noodles.
Salad, some oven baked wedges, 2 fish fillets.

Chef_trouser, May 22, 7:37 am

And every Thursday and Sunday I fast until dinner.

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 22, 8:37 am

Hi all I hope you dont mind me putting this in here but I just thought it might help some people :)
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Chef_starbritedust, Jun 2, 9:18 pm

Jeeze, didn't think my diet was too bad but looking back on today,
Pancakes & maple syrup for brekkie fish & chips for lunch chicken kebabs in pita bread/ Veges, and chicken chippies
Washed down with goodie goodie gum drop ice team and chocolate pudding.
Washing that down now with a rum & coke.

Chef_jc239, Jun 23, 2:58 pm

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