Tips for kids party food pre prep

wendalls, Aug 6, 12:15am
Can anyone with lots of home party experience give me ideas for food that I can do in advance. Is for 7 yr old boys.
And yes I will try and keep the sugar content down and use some healthier options!

hd07, Aug 6, 12:22am
You could make up some fruit kebabs (grapes, strawberries, pineapple pieces, marshmallow etc), mini pikelets and add jam/cream just before serving, club sammies, mini pizzas with ham, cheese, pineapple then just add some cheerios, sausage rolls and some chips/lollies just before serving.

asue, Aug 6, 12:54am
Platter of fruit etc as above - pre cut and wrapped in the fridge to go. Another one of vegie sticks etc and hummus and dips, a platter of rice crackers/crackers/chips and cheeses, pre cooked sausage rolls to heat, pizza ready to heat, cheerios in the pot ready to go. Just add something sweet to the table (way too scared to add detail here - lol). Could also make in advance jelly cups - plastic disposable cup each - jelly/instant pudding, add scoop of icecream, sauce/sprinkles/wafer biscuit. (looks flash and fills the table not much in them tho. You are doing minion theme so could be blue jelly with yellow instant pudding/custard? Don't forget your earplugs for the day too.

valentino, Aug 6, 1:29am
Have a good look at this link,

On page 2 of above for example a popsicle cake, just looking at the picture gives ideas.


sampa, Aug 6, 1:33am
And a few paracetamol tablets along with a bottle of your favourite vino tucked up in the back of the fridge might help too. For after I mean. :)

Maybe avoid too many 'food on a stick' type items. boys will be more interested in the skewers left behind and be running around trying to poke each others eyes out the minute your back is turned. Fruit and veg on a platter with various dips in small bowls might be a better bet. Boys being what they are they love to fiddle with their food (and anything else they caan get close enough to lol) so provide lots of dippy type things and let them go for it. You could pre-make some homemade fruit based salsa like dips (great way to sneak in healthier sweetness) and have home made (from breast meat) crumbed chicken nuggets sitting in the fridge waiting to go into the oven for a bake and sausage rolls could be pre-made as well (sausage rolls are a fantastic way to get lots of extra veg into kiddos. they seldom suspect that something wrapped in pastry and containing sausage meat could be harboring finely grated/diced 'healthy stuff. ;-)

Add carpet cleaner to your shopping list for obvious reasons. Remember, it's only once a year and when he hits the teen years there's every chance he'll be too cool to want to party with mum and dad and family so do your best to enjoy yourself and not get too stressed.

valentino, Aug 6, 1:44am
Oh, should had noted to check out this sub link of post above.

Yep, good guide to the most favoured ones, 20 party foods of all time.

wendalls, Aug 6, 2:43am
Thanks everyone. I've already had one child do a disappointed "Oh" when asking where the party is going to be at. He's the best friend who is not so keen on our house because we don't have enough technology and games available to him. Expects to be taken to laserforce. Great. The pressure is on to make it good enough!

vmax2, Aug 6, 2:53am
How sad that kids expect to be entertained by technology. There is a lot of expectations these days for just the right sort of party. Going to a venue, junk food and giving back to the guests a gift all seem to be the norm these days. Don't bow down to what is popular. How do you want your children to grow up?

valentino, Aug 6, 5:17am
Yep, it is your son's party and should be in line on how you see the overall values that you know and not the wimmms of tech stuff.

This is the problem with most movies these days - too much fantasises and not much on good valued things.

Keep your feet in the right direction and go for it, keep laying the right paths for your son and be proud.


awoftam, Jan 19, 8:50am
And top it all off with a blardy great cake that they can dive in to. Healthy is great - and I am an advocate however special occasions are just that.

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