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samanya, Aug 12, 10:29am
"And how much time do they get before the show starts to swot up on stuff. "
Wendalls, I have often wondered the same. I'm sure they get advance warning in a lot of cases as they all seem to know exactly what they are going to cook.

kaddiew, Aug 12, 10:58am
Yes, the one who doesn't eat eggs said it. You'd think she'd have had enough brains to realise she would have to cook eggs sooner or later in a cooking competition.

There's probably the usual reality TV component of contestants being selected for type, rather than for real cooking ability.

duckmoon, Aug 12, 8:40pm
i think the style of sleeping accommodation is there to keep the contestants stressed.

bedazzledjewels, Aug 17, 7:06pm
Two being sent home dropped the numbers down. The mystery box challenges seem to sort the instinctive cooks from those who prefer following a recipe.

slimgym, Aug 18, 12:00am
its not going to be a very long series the way they are going though the contestants

samanya, Aug 18, 5:52am
I'm happy for it to go on for a while , yet. I'm sort of just getting the idea of the contestants 'strength & weaknesses'. They are still adjusting to living away from family, in the MC house & the pressure & why the hell they would want to put themselves through that . I'll never understand, but that's coming from a person who is established in their career & with a
amateur's interest in presenting different meals. they want to make a career out of cooking & therein lies the difference from most of us onlookers, watching them.
MKR is the master 'spinner outers' . got tedious after a while.

slimgym, Aug 19, 1:02am
i was sad to see Merrin go last night, I felt she had much more to offer, looked as if she was well liked

muffin2, Aug 19, 1:17am
I was surprised that Chris was not in the bottom 2 - he's not put up a 'great' dish yet and has burnt himself, cut himself. surely if he doesn't put up a great dish this week he will be going home

My Hubby doesn't want that Sarah to be eliminated because he said she's a pretty young thing (his words!) - but he is old enough to be her father LOL!

samanya, Aug 19, 7:48am
Haaaa . a normal red blooded male?

esther-anne, Aug 19, 9:13am
Mine fancies Gemma!

He's in hospital at the moment so I'm pleased he should be out by the time Sunday comes and Gemma is still there!

muffin2, Aug 19, 9:52am
yes - typical. he's supposed to be watching for the food, but claims he is multi-tasking looking at the food and the pretty blondes on Master chef at the same time!

slimgym, Aug 19, 9:48pm
and don't for get he covered himself with flour, just a personalty they want there

kaddiew, Sep 1, 2:52am
This must be the quietest a Masterchef thread has ever been. Does anyone else think that so far it's all just a bit. "blah"?

lyndad59, Sep 1, 2:58am
Yes ,we were just saying last night there are no " stand outs " so far

biggles45, Sep 1, 3:07am
Agree. For me, the 2 new judges don't have enough personality, the contestants seem so-so, no-one really stands out for me. Doesn't help that Sunday isn't a good day for us to see TV, so we miss some episodes and the catch up has now gone to Saturday afternoon (also not a good time for us - we watched nearly all the first few in this series on the catch up on Saturday evenings) - so we are finding it hard to engage in this series. Wish it would go back to TV1 even if they put it on at tea time like they used to. at least I can watch while cooking!

unknowndisorder, Sep 1, 3:11am
I am just watching last night's and thinking I really like Richard, Leo and Lily (and up to the part where they mention Richard and lily playing safe lol).

kaddiew, Sep 1, 3:48am
I find Lily a little strange, but Leo (if that's the pig farmer?) seems to be creative and is at least delivering dishes from his own culture rather than putting all the focus on being "cheffy", as many of the others are attempting to do. The girl who is a food technologist is really quite unsure of herself around food.

unknowndisorder, Sep 1, 4:24am
Yes, Leo is the pig farmer, Richard is the butcher and Lily is a different culture, so initially seemed very cocky, but I've grown to like her, as she listens and appreciates what they tell her.

the food technologist is from a farming background, and that is why I think she's not sure about things. she has the knowledge but not necessarily the confidence, if that makes sense. she also does too much and can confuse what taste she was actually after.

kaddiew, Sep 1, 4:41am
Maybe her confidence will grow the longer she stays in.

I'm hoping tonight's challenge isn't as silly as the tv guide suggests!

esther-anne, Sep 1, 9:41am
I am thinking that the programme should be re-named - "Al Brown presents Masterchef".

I am utterly tired of the way this man appears to have taken control of the whole show - he is in the contestants faces whilst they are trying to devise their menus and then what they are creating. Taking up precious time that they badly need.

Maybe that's the 'brief' he has been given but I found myself tonight yelling at the screen and saying "you are getting omnipresent and boring in every aspect of this show" (of course what I said in the privacy of my home was much more rude than that! ) Even Josh is taking a back seat and appears ineffectual. Otherwise I think the two coming strongly to the fore are Lily and Leo - creative and exciting offerings! IMHO I hasten to add!

unknowndisorder, Sep 1, 10:26am
I think if you looked at first seasons of any judges together (except Aus) you would find it takes a while to gel. Aus is excluded as Gary and George worked together, so have a history.

I'm enjoying the series, but am glad it is looking at being short.

for those that haven't spotted it, MPW is on next week. If anyone wants a copy burnt onto DVD and posted, sing out. they do have it on demand, though (I can't get TV3 to play for some reason, so give up on any programs from them that I haven't recorded and think others might be the same).

kaddiew, Sep 1, 10:42am
TV3's loser spoiler in small print at the bottom of the screen will have annoyed a few viewers.

cgvl, Sep 1, 10:53am
We have just watched the episode and to be honest I never even saw the spoiler. Am a bit sorry to see her go as I liked her but I think the top two may be Leo and Lily, although could be proved very wrong.

slimgym, Sep 1, 3:25pm
yep we noticed it, shame but we still watcned

kaddiew, Sep 1, 8:19pm
I'd like to see a challenge where purees, smears, 'pan-seared' and crumbs are banned.

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