Mandoline slicers - which is best and why?

Straight blade or V blade? I am totally confused and have been dallying about buying one because I dont really know what I should be looking for. Could some with a mandoline please point out advantages and disadvantages and give their recommendations of brand. There are quite a few brands out there

Chef_hilt_dwane, Jul 6, 2:52 pm

Don't buy one of the green slicer things if they are cheap. The expensive one is great but the copy ones are as blunt as! and a waste of money. I guess as usual you get what you pay for!

Chef_rasin11, Jul 6, 3:47 pm

Your reply leads me to another question. What happens when it gets blunt? Is that the end of them or can they be sharpened?

Chef_hilt_dwane, Jul 6, 4:08 pm

I have a 20year old Bamix v shaped slicer. Has been used commercially and has NEVER needed sharpening. Has sharpened my finder on a few occasions though!

Chef_magenta, Jul 6, 4:11 pm

I hear you. mine is still going strong 15 years since buying and several "slices" of the finger later :-)

Chef_ks1968, Jul 6, 7:56 pm

There is no difference other than appearance.

Chef_wesdie, Jul 6, 10:06 pm

I've had mine around 20 years too, used most days, and still as sharp as the day I bought it.

Chef_nauru, Apr 6, 6:49 am

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