Fan force ovens

Can anyone help here my old oven 6years and has clappet out it had fan bake an this was great is there any differance from a Fan force oven and a Fan Bake oven or are they the same or which one is the Better ov the two as im about to Buy a new one many thanks .

Chef_julz105, May 26, 3:42 pm

From Smeg on google:

"Fan ovens have a heating element around the fan behind the rear panel. The electric element heats the air being circulated by the fan and evenly distributes it throughout the oven. Fan-assisted ovens, on the other hand, have two heating elements, one in the roof and one in the base with the addition of a fan in the rear. This allows you to use all the shelves at once without the flavours of different foods intermingling. You'll save time, energy and money too."

Personally I would ask the person in the appliance store - they will be able to help you. If they can't tell you the difference then go somewhere else.

Chef_awoftam, May 26, 3:46 pm

I would never willingly own another Fan Forced oven. The crap experience I've had with 2 such ovens was that the rear (only) element was very weak, with no crisping or browning, especially on the bottom of the food. Not a patch on using Fan Bake (the usual top and bottom elements plus fan), which I love.

I also found most sales assistants didn't know the difference. There is a difference.

Chef_kaddiew, May 26, 4:48 pm

My own experience is that smaller, personally owned stores, such as Betta Electrical, have more knowledgeable staff than the bigger chain stores e.g. Noel L. I have used BE repeatedly in three cities I have lived in over the years and found that they really know their stuff. If I was with an assistant who couldn't explain the features and benefits of an oven to me and demonstrate an understanding of what they were selling I wouldn't buy off them.

Chef_awoftam, May 26, 6:00 pm

I'm glad you posted that quote from Smeg. Over the years (with many house shifts), I've had numerous assistants in those larger chains swear it's all just in the wording depending on brand - and that all fan ovens operate in the same way. So, so wrong. On a couple of occasions I insisted they call the manufacturers to confirm what I already knew (and they clearly didn't).

Chef_kaddiew, May 26, 6:30 pm

My Bosch oven has two fan options but I'm never sure which to use and whats the difference. I think they are called fan forced and fan assisted. I need to use multiple shelves a lot as its a small oven. I'm sure I just use them randomly. Either seems to Do the trick with baking.

Chef_wendalls, May 27, 10:42 pm

The April consumer magazine did testin on ovens and Westinghouse came out as best oven.

Chef_jubre, Jul 4, 6:42 am

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