Kumera Ideas Help Ps

Has anyone got any ideas of making things with kumeras, such as salads, etc I did have a few ideas off here but moving around i seem to have lost the papers

Chef_mber2, May 25, 10:17 pm

I make a potato salad using kumera, add some chickpeas, chopped red pepper, chopped spring onion to it, mixed together with a curry mayonnaise. I often top a shepherds pie with kumera instead of potato. Nice roasted and added to salads or chargrilled veges in a wrap. They also make nice oven fries or wedges, I mix together some mixed herbs, onion powder, garlic flakes and pinch ground cumin, spray the chipped kumera with oil and sprinkle with the herb mix, bake in the oven 180C for 20-25 minutes. Also makes a nice soup.

Chef_nauru, May 27, 11:39 am

Chef_245sam, Jul 6, 6:48 am

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