Choc Caramel shortcake recipe please

ashj2, Jan 10, 1:50am
Does any one have a recipe for chic caramel shirt cake I know how to make the caramel but have forgotten the short cake part thanks a bunch

rainrain1, Jan 10, 2:46am
Caramel Shirt cake, now that sounds like a dinner party show stopper ,.sorry I have no recipe

ashj2, Jan 10, 3:31am
Whoops I mean short cake lol

albion2, Jan 10, 5:14am
Edmonds have a recipe for Caramel Meringue which is rather nice

245sam, Jan 10, 5:14am
ashj2, the following is a Jan Bilton recipe that I have had success with:-

1 cup flour
⅛ tsp salt
½ cup icing sugar
100g butter

Mix the flour, salt and icing sugar, then rub the butter into the dry ingredients.Press the mixture into a shallow 20cm tin.
Bake at180ºCfor20 minutes.
Cool, then pour over the

Caramel Topping:
2 tbsp golden syrup
300ml sweetened condensed milk
125g Kremelta, melted

Combine the golden syrup and sweetened condensed milk.Stir over a low heat until the mixture turns a pale caramel colour, then gradually beat in the melted Kremelta.
Allow to set, then top with the

Chocolate Topping:
200g milk chocolate
1 tbsp Kremelta

Gently melt the chocolate and Kremelta.

Hope that helps.:-))

ashj2, Jan 10, 5:55am
Thanks will be trying that tomorrow

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