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dallasm, Mar 21, 7:04am
Has anyone ideas for per wedding nibbles . Preferably cold as do not have facilities to heat food

duckmoon, Mar 21, 7:28am
if you use the search engine, there are lots of threads on this topic.

hope you have a great event

duckmoon, Mar 21, 7:29am
use the words nibbles in the search

uli, Mar 21, 7:34am
What is "per"!

Are you trying to say "before" maybe!

samanya, Mar 21, 7:41am
FGS uli .that's totally uncalled for,when your English is perfect, then you may be in a position to criticise others, not until then .OK!
"I cook goat meat since over 20 years". eg!

elliehen, Mar 21, 10:29am
.or the hilarious "jojo dieting" ;)

amazing_grace, Mar 21, 6:36pm
Take cucumbers, cut into lengths about 10cm.Using a knife cut out the seeds part inside, leaving a hole down the middle.Stuff the hole with a cream cheese/capers/cheese mixture.Slice into rounds like sushi.

mike92, Mar 21, 6:39pm
Don't forget not everyone likes fancy food. Some will be happy with plain cheese and crackers or some chippies. MY DH gets stressed when going to events with food that there's going to be nothing but fancy and he'll end up starving.

twindizzy, Mar 21, 6:42pm
Club sammies
Mini bacon egg pies
Salmon on mini pikelets

duckmoon, Mar 21, 8:00pm
I think it is a typo, aiming for pre-wedding nibbles

mackenzie2, Mar 21, 8:28pm
I find simple goes best. Mussells in half shells that have a cruncy bacon and cheese topping (taste wonderful cold) french sticks with cream cheese and salmon, crackers/cheeses/hummus or pestos/grapes and salami all mixed on a platter look great. Or if you want to get a little flasher! Last weekend I did breads/oil/dukka, a salmon mousse, and a pesto terrine. Let me know if you would like any receipes

pickles7, Mar 21, 9:27pm
"per wedding nibbles" or " pre wedding nibbles".
What are your intentions ! , .dallasm .
I hear if you buy sausages from the Mad Butchers, they throw the Cook. and BBQ in for the function. That way your guests can nibble on a weenie while the engaged couple exchangevows. "pre wedding nibbles".
The cook can clean down before starting on the Sausages for the "pre wedding breakfast nibbles", after the exchanging of vows and before the actual wedding breakfast.
That can continue with bread and onions being introduced and after Grace, the actual "wedding breakfast" can begin, and the speeches start.

twindizzy, Mar 21, 9:30pm
BBQ is pretty tacky !

uli, Mar 22, 4:38am
Thanks duckmoon.
It actually never crossed my mind that this could be "pre" - just read it as was printed .

Sorry to have made lots of people on here "uncomfortable" . LOL :)

Back to the drawing board now to see what I can contribute.

dallasm, Mar 22, 7:09am
Thank you for the suggestions Reluctant to come back on after the comments re my typo. Yes it was meant to be 'pre'

nfh1, Mar 22, 7:14am
Take no notice, most of make typos regularly - surprising that anyone even thought to mention it, seemed obvious it was a mistake to me.

I would suggest that whatever you do have, make sure they are one bite size, nothing worse than dropping something on your outfit at the beginning of the day!Good Luck.

indy95, Mar 22, 7:26am
Dallasm, don't waste a second worrying about the comments. We are all guilty of typos and very few people take the trouble to bring them to the attention of everyone else.

samanya, Mar 22, 8:01am
Try searching this forum for 'finger food' .there's heaps of great ideas & you are sure to find some suitable ones.

elliehen, Mar 22, 9:19am
Too little, too late.

No one will believe you - you have such a hawk eye for posters' errors.the favourite being the bought/brought one ;-)

mackenzie2, Mar 22, 8:40pm
As usual a "bit*h" fight. dallasm some people have left some good ideas on here for you, so ignore the nasty comments and re read the thread, good luck with your catering. P.S it was obvious it was supposed to be pre, but even in the context it was written in it didnt actually matter, it still made sense.

samanya, Mar 22, 9:42pm
We all knew that .except for one,for whom English is a second language (& has the tendency to be a miseryguts.)
Stick around as there's some great stuff to be learned here.

elliehen, Mar 23, 2:29am
It would be good if some picky people focused on communication rather than pedantic posturing.

There's a current thread on how to "fake" sun-dried tomatoes.A nano-second after opening the thread you know that it's a typo and unless you're someone who wants to make a friendly joke (usually acceptable if it's in the spirit), you just move right along with your answer and don't pretend that you don't understand!

uli, Mar 23, 7:32am
How do you "fake them"!

pickles7, Mar 23, 7:50am

aktow, Mar 23, 10:00am
says you,, i have catered over 700 weddings and the best wedding i ever did was a bbq,, no bullshit speeches that went on for hours,, no head table,,there was no set tables so every one mingled, there wedding was so rocking the other wedding in another one of our rooms joined there wedding.

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