Cadbury Cream Egg Pudding!

cookessentials, Mar 22, 3:56am
Well, if ever I saw a chocolate hit, this would have to be it.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 22, 4:09am
A sugar hit I'd say.
19 teaspoons of sugar in the creme eggs alone plus another 25 teaspoons of sugar added.

mumstu, Mar 22, 4:09am
OMG! that is a REAL chocolate hit!

antoniab, Mar 22, 4:47am
Wow! I dont like Creme eggs anymore though, they changed the recipe for the inside cream and its yuck now

samanya, Mar 22, 7:57am
I just couldn't handle that!

schnauzer11, Mar 22, 11:39am
That's NOT food !

griffo4, Mar 22, 8:11pm
the caramel eggs would be me but l think it would be too rich even for me

mumstu, Mar 22, 8:25pm
Have they changed the recipe for the caramel and the creme eggs! or am I just remembering what they are actually like! had one the other day and thought yuck.

antoniab, Mar 22, 9:39pm
Creme egg recipe has definitely changed - the ones in the UK are like what the ones we have now changed to, its like fondant icing crap not the yummy liquid centre they used to have. When I first bought one in the UK I thought -puke, then since coming back to NZ they have changed our ones too to the same recipe :(

wildflower, Mar 22, 10:08pm
Not much of the Cadburys is actually made in NZ anymore so I think we get the overseas versions now.Wish Whittaker's did eggs.I'm skipping easter this year anyway buy only buy Whittaker's chocolate usually.

buzzy110, Mar 22, 10:23pm

willyow, Mar 23, 4:22am
I put on a kilo just reading the recipe!

cookessentials, Mar 23, 5:22am
Very interesting comments LOL. If I was making a dessert for Easter, this would not be it.

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