Cake toppers / icing images

datoofairy, Feb 20, 3:58am
Does anyone know where I can get, in NZ, a Justin Bieber cake topper or smaller cup cake toppers please!
I think thats what they are called! The edible icing images that you can put on top of a cake.
I know Fishpond have one on their website but I need one before 8th March and they are notorious for late delivery or not not delivering at all.

cookiebarrel, Feb 20, 4:35am
Try looking under Crafts - Cake Design - Cake Decorations on TM and you will come up with quite a few places here that sell icing images and then you could ask them if they had the one you are after.

datoofairy, Feb 20, 4:53am
Thanks Cookiebarrel.I did look on here and I did ask a couple of sellers.Someone has given me a link to a site that prints what ever image you want, so I'm going to get one of Justin and my daughter together. She will love it.

cookessentials, Feb 20, 4:54am
There is a place in NZ called Edible Images if I remember correctly. They are online.

datoofairy, Feb 20, 4:54am
Yes, thats the link I was given :o)

cookiebarrel, Feb 20, 5:22am
They are very good.One lucky,happy daughter coming up I guess.

datoofairy, Feb 20, 5:27am
When you hear a high pitched, hysterical shrieking,you'll know she's seen her cake ;o)

just4jess, Feb 20, 6:00am
occassioncakes onhere do them from a picture or photo.I thoroughly recommend, have used them on numerous occasions.Very prompt delivery and image so easy to apply.

cookiebarrel, Feb 20, 6:37am
Have to admit I prefer Selena Gomez, but most teenage girls were really upset when the 'boy' paired up with her.So my niece tells me!

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