Baking help please

barbs77, Mar 3, 6:46pm
I dont bake a lot, as we dont really eat much sweet stuff, but since I had a baby, my tastes have changed and often feel like a little something with my coffee.
And good to have around for visitors and babysitter.
I would like a few recipes for baked goods that last for about a week, I have nice loaf recipes, was thinking a long lasting slice or cake!
Thanks all!

taurus2005, Mar 3, 6:54pm
I always bake biscuits like peanut brownies, afghans or Anzacs.They dont go off as quick as cakes as I only have one now and again.Always use the Edmonds recipes.

lilyfield, Mar 3, 6:57pm
I usually slice my cakes and freeze individually, quickly zapped for visitors

vomo2, Mar 3, 8:25pm
You want something cheap, delicious and easy! Buy a bag of Homebrand cake mix from Countdown $1:99 per bag, either vanilla or choclate and either make a cake or muffins. I add lemon or orange, caraway seeds, coffee or whatever takes my fancy to the vanilla mix and with the chocolate one I ice it differently each time, eg coconut, walnut on the top etc etc. I buy two mixes and just double the eggs and milk.

cgvl, Mar 3, 8:28pm
I make slices like ginger crunch out of the edmonds book, double the topping though. Tan slice will keep a week. there is another one I make that keeps well also but I can't remember its name. All my biscuit recipes keep a week, as a basic recipe for biscuits I use the Vanilla biscuit recipe and swap the sultana's for choc chips, or add a mix of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg,ginger and mixed spice) or add walnuts or other nuts to the sultanas. You can also reduce the flour by about 50g and add rolled oats by that amount with nuts and sultana's to give a farmbake type cookie.

flower-child01, Mar 3, 9:09pm
I have a lot of kiwi classics at

elliehen, Mar 3, 9:14pm
Great idea.There's usually so much sugar in baked goods that they freeze only very lightly.After just a few minutes away from the freezer they can be edible even without being zapped.

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