Recipe to make cake pops

amanda_simonp, Mar 6, 7:32pm
can anybody help me please!I bought the moulds off grab one and want to do them with my daughter.Anyone done this yet!Just thinking maybe I could just use my chocolate cake recipe!Thoughts!Many thanks

245sam, Mar 6, 9:11pm
amanda_simonp, I didn't make that Grab One purchase but I note that the promo that went with the offer says to use "your favourite recipe" so if you have a family favourite chocolate cake, then yes I would say go for it and use that recipe and have a fun baking time with your daughter.:-))

makespacenow, Mar 6, 9:21pm
I made a mint ice cream, scooped and pressed into moulds (halves) then made into balls. coated in melted dark chocolate and topped with fresh mint leave and gold dust. After dinner chocolate mint treats, looked posh on the pop sticks too!

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