What size cake tin?

pagjam, Feb 11, 4:14am
Going to make a Red Velvet cake for my two girls 21st. Receipe says to use 3 x 20cm round tins, however I want a square single layer cake. What size tin would I need to use! And do I bake it for same amount of time!

chicco2, Feb 11, 4:26am
it depends on the depth of those round tins the recipe refers to. If they are 3 shallow cakes that are going to be stacked you may want to double the recipe. Can you gestimate more by the amount of flour etc compared to a recipe that is familiar to you. If you really want a the perfect depth etc, do a trial run.

pagjam, Feb 11, 4:40am
Recipe has 3 C Flour, 6 eggs, 3 c sugar, 250g butter, so imagine it to be quite big. Prob have to make 2 as it is as they have different' tastes' in decorating Could get pretty expensive doing a test run!

ribzuba, Feb 11, 9:53am
not what you asked for but i always use this recipe and it is AMAZING! just baked it till a skewer comes out clean :)

chicco2, Feb 11, 11:21pm
I would guess a 23cm deep square ( 9" ). Or possibly 10", 25cm.
The deeper the cake, the better it looks for decorating.

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