Juice fasting

destiny6nz, Jan 27, 11:18pm
Does anyone have some good tasty juice recipes that can replace a meal using raw vege and fruit! Not the bought sachet stuff.

cookessentials, Jan 28, 6:26am
Did you watch Joe Cross by any chance! If so, he has a Facebook page and also you can join his own juicing website jointhereboot.com.
Carrots with one or two apples and a good thumbsize piece of ginger.
apple, orange, kiwifruit and carrot
carrot,tomato, pak choy, silverbeet
I make heaps of different combinations. Experiemtn to find what you like.

addington261, Feb 6, 4:28am
I am just discovering how nice a piece of ginger makes any juice.

kad19, Feb 6, 4:51am
My fav:

1 Golden kumera
1 Carrot
1 Red Capsicum
1 Large Beetroot
1 Apple
2 Oranges

Makes a good 500-600mls "-)

cookessentials, Feb 6, 5:10am
Welcome kad19, that sounds really nice. I agree about the ginger too, I use about a thumb size piece along with carrot and a little apple as a breakfast juice.

lindylambchops1, Feb 6, 6:10am
Try this website:


They have some yummy recipes & also a FaceBook page

uli, Feb 6, 6:14am
If you want to replace a meal then use more above ground veges and not too much fruit. The reason being that fruit and carrots, beetroot etc have a very high sugar content. Your blood sugar will go up very fast with a drink like that, then fall quickly and you will be very hungry about an hour or two later.

If you want to skip a meal you will be less hungry if you make yourself a whey protein shake and eat a piece of fruit in addition if you feel like it, rather than juice it.

cookessentials, Feb 6, 6:21am
The thread is about juicing, not whey protein drinks. and eating a piece oof fruit puts extra starin on your digestive system. The whole idea of the reboot as per Joe Cross is to rest your digestion and have your body take in lots of natural minerals and vitamins directly. I have never had a problem with blood sugar spikes or feeling hungry. As Joe suggests, use the 80/20 rule OP. As mentioned before, also join his forum to get the correct information in regards to the reboot rather than listening to the people who think they are experts. I did the 60 day reboot with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

cookessentials, Feb 6, 6:24am
u use beetroot, make sure you peel it first, although it still can tast a little "muddy" I only use a little. Same with kale, it is quite strong, so I use it with various other vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, spinach or silverbeet. You can season to taste with a little salt and freshly ground pepper.

melford, Feb 6, 6:26am
I agree with you cookessentis,80/20 is the perfect way to go.We feel so much better from drinking juices

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