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courtney2004, Feb 5, 8:47am
Needing ideas for a finger food lunch for farm workers! got to feed 10 of them on Friday! a cold lunch since we are moving sheep 15km and we will have it at the end of the move. Thought about savory muffins, afgans but what else! Want something filling like we normally do half a dozen pizza's but this time it has to be cold.

macandrosie, Feb 5, 8:53am
Bacon & egg pieeiher warm or cold is good or savs in tomato sauce & some buttered bread to wrap them in. Chicken tortilla wraps pre-made. Some nice chunkysweet muffins to finish off. I made an Alison Holst Blueberry muffin las week but they also had a banana & orange rind & juice, they were very yummy. Cold quiche or frittata is nice too!

wheelz, Feb 5, 8:54am
Filled rolls always good. Crackers cheeses and pickles. Summer fruit.

245sam, Feb 5, 9:00am
courtney2004, the following is nice hot, warm or cold.The original recipe is thanks to TM's raevah and is below with some of my modifications.

1 x 130g bag spinach, cooked and very well-drained – see notes below
1 cup grated tasty cheese(or use lesser amounts ofblueorfeta)
½ cup flourand½ tsp baking powderor½ cup self-raising flour
Note:I used ½ cup plain flourand¼ tsp cream of tartarand⅛ tsp baking soda
60g butter, melted (optional)
4 or 5 eggs
2 cups milk
pepperandsalt – see below
2-3 tbsp pine nuts (optional)

My method that produces IMO, a better result:-
Whisk the eggs, butter and milk together.
Gently mix the spinach and cheese – if using blue or feta, crumble the cheese, leaving the pieces of a reasonably big size.
Into a large bowl sift the flour, cream of tartar and baking soda.Gently and gradually mix in the beaten egg mixture, then stir in the combined spinach and cheese, and mix as little as possible.Pour the mixture into a greased 23cm pie dish or casserole dish.Top with the pine nuts.
Bake at200°Cforabout 45 minutes, until golden brown and puffy.
Serve the quiche hot, warm, cold or reheated - it’s just as good, if not better, the day after it’s made.
Notes:To cook the spinach simply fill the bag with water then allow all the water to drain away.Cook the spinach with only the water that is clinging to its leaves, and just until the spinach is wilted – alternatively use frozen spinach (about 3 cubes) – allow it to thaw then squeeze as much as possible of the liquid out of the thawed spinach.1 x 130g bag of spinach yields 65g cooked and well-drained spinach.

Hope that helps.:-))

courtney2004, Feb 5, 9:05am
Thanks for the ideas. I have been through the roll ideas etc. I really need something since we start at 9am and will not finish until like 4pm that is easy eg rolls are fillings etc etc. I like to cook them something that they can just have rather than prep their selves. They are young guys so love home made food cooked with love. We find it easy to get staff by saying its home baked goods! I did the Alision Holsts Self crusting corn quiche without any issues that was easy but great if I could do a more filling type also but self crusting! or a easy crust tahts home made as the supermarket is not going to be visted before it now!

cuteviolet, Feb 5, 9:10am
Good thick sammies, either club or just thick! (Egg, Tomato, Ham, luncheon, cheese and onion, lettuce etc for fillings.Bacon and Egg pie definitley! Scones, muffins pikelets.Buttered Bread buns they can fill themselves with above ingredients. Pizzas are ok cold. Good old fruit loaf with butter etc.

courtney2004, Feb 5, 9:19am
Pizza that sounds possibble. What sort of toppings could do the trick! We have a bit of left over Ham from Christmas, Pineapple, Tasty Cheese, Olives, Onions, Silverbeet. I have heard someone doing a drained yoghurt topping on a pizza anyone done that!

rainrain1, Feb 5, 9:23am
You can't go wrong with a cooked leg or two of mutton or corned beef, tomatoes, lettuce and tomato relish, boiled eggs, bread and margerine. A good thick mayo, Savoury pinwheel scones, mousetraps, anything that is simple to easy to prepare
Not sure that the yogurt on the pizza would go down very well though

lythande1, Feb 5, 6:31pm
Pasties. Filling, contains meat, generally what manual labour guys like.
Quiche, I can't see that impressing hard working men.
Bacon sammies.

pickles7, Feb 5, 6:57pm
Why not cold pizza. After all no hand washing out in the work place,men just eat and get on with the job. No plates just paper towels. Filled rolls with a paper sleeve around the middles good too.

asue, Feb 5, 10:21pm
Make men's sandwiches.Thick bread, slabs of meat, pickles, cheese and individally wrapped. BLT sandwiches, Cold toasties, use half bread buns, relish, spagetti, cheese, onion, ham pineapple etc, cold pie (sausage and egg), quiche,wraps, savoury scones, fruit loaf and fresh fruit.

rainrain1, Feb 6, 12:19am
cold pizza would be horrible,

uli, Feb 6, 12:33am
I would make a big roast and cut up for cold beef or ham or mutton whatever you have, small bread rolls to go with it, pasta or rice salad can be pre-prepared too. A quiche or frittata can be eaten cold, especially the ones with potato and spinach and cheese. Boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers fresh or as pickles.

Will you have plates! Or strictly finger food!

whitehead., Feb 6, 3:02am
get a good big cottage loaf and cut it in half take out a little of the middle to make a hollow and buttler with salard dressing then layer with lettis tomatoes with the seeds out meat mustard any salard veg you can think of but take the seeds out then put dressing on the top and put its lid on wrap in tin foil and tie with string leave in fridge over night to age and try and keep as cool as you can . slice in wedgesyummy

bounce16, Feb 6, 3:10am
Mouse traps made with scone halves as the base.Really filling and still yummy cold as opposed to cold pizza :)

pickles7, Feb 6, 4:16am
We eat it cold if we have some over. Its better cold than heated in the microwave. I put lots of nice toppings on when I make them myself. You cannot be stingy with the toppings, or yes they would not be nice.

rainrain1, Feb 6, 6:28am
Cold pizza doesn't appeal at all to me, so therefore I wouldn't feed it to anyone else, but each to their own

punkinthefirst, Feb 6, 11:02am
The Quick and Easy (or is it Margaret's!) Flaky pastry in the Alison Holst books is pretty good, and easy to make if you have a food processor. It's the one with vinegar-soured milk in it.
Anything flavoursome and most of all, moist would be welcome. Add apple or other fruit shortcake, or fruitcake and some apples and gallons of tea and you'll be popular. Home made lemon drink (not too sweet) with plenty of ice is always welcome, too.

motorbo, Feb 6, 11:35am
you cant beat pie, bacon an egg or mince and vege.or vege. self crusting quiche .andother old fave of mine for picnic`s was the edmonds apple shortcake, a bit of work but heck you can make a oven tray of it and a great filling finish to lunch

nik12, Feb 6, 11:52am
Been and gone already! I do a bit of catering for farm workers.
Cold Bacon and Egg Pie and a filled roll (just usual salad and ham with mushed egg) always go down well.I usually do a muffin for a sweet after. Fruit salad, boysenberry or bananna choc chip always go down well.As do pikets or scones with butter and jam (and whipped cream if you can keep it somewhere cool!)

daisyhill, Feb 7, 2:29am
Add me to the people who think cold pizza is delicious! It's only unpleasant if the pizza is poor quality to begin with.

These "farmer's lunch sandwiches" are delicious, portable, and filling, and a bit unusual too because of the apple in them.

valentino, Feb 7, 2:52am
Time getting on but another one worth noting is "Pita Bread Pockets", cut in halves filled with chopped cold meats of choice, even chopped cooked scrambled egg, etc plus chopped salad leaves, tomatoes etc with chopped red onion, bit of grated cheese and two or three nice dressings - mayos of various tastes intermingled at various stages of the filling including a dash of a sweet chillie sauce.
Two good size ones should satisfy most men though 3 would be better or 2 plus something else like as you noted - a muffin etc.

These are terrific to enjoy, and very easy to put together, just have each item in a bowl then fill each pocket (can be done by one, 2 or more helpers if required).
Nice if the meats were hot (my mind is thinking BBQ but) but still very nice cold.

uli, Feb 7, 3:38am
When I have leftover stone oven pizza from a gathering the evening before I always eat it cold for breakfast and lunch.

You are right - if you have a great dough (cold fermented for 3 days in the fridge), the wood flavour from the oven and nice toppings (ham, anchovies, olives, capers, tomatoes, mushrooms) and not that huge amount of cheese that seems to be the norm here but small dollops of real good mozarella - then a cold pizza is pretty much like a delicious open sandwich.

flower-child01, Feb 7, 9:11pm
I konw this is too late, but the things i used to feed the helpers was cheese toasties, prepared the night before then given a last minute put together. Club sammys, As well as savoury scone swirl things. But if i was feeding helpers nowadays i would be baking bread items, cinnamon twists, pizza swirls (pizza sauce, onion and cheese in a bread like swirl, similar to the chelsea bun), these are best made the night before ready for baking the next morning. I found feeding the shearers a breeze, they are so appreciative of simple hearty food, more than my ex hubby was lol.

rainrain1, Feb 8, 4:30am
hardly a mans sandwich, crikey that wouldn't keep them going for long.

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