Icing a fruit cake

dallasm, Feb 3, 4:53am
Would love some advice Want to ice a wedding cake , very simple, just white with a ribbon. Do I go in this order:apricot jam, almond icing and then white fondants icing
Many thanks look forward to some advice

cgvl, Feb 3, 5:29am
or you could use a butter icing ie brandy butter. I quite often use this on fruit cakes as it is less sweet than the almond and white.

cookiebarrel, Feb 3, 9:53am
You can also just use boiled and cooled water.Have done this on many occassions when I have run out of apricot jam or wanted something less sweet.Always use it (water) sparingly between the almond icing and the top fondant.Has served me well for many, many years.

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