Tomato sauce recipe

julie55, Jan 9, 1:45am
juliewn - I just made your tomato sauce recipe and it is divine. I was given about 40kgs of damaged tomatoes from the wellington market and picked out the really squasy ones and adjusted your recipe for around 10kgs and froze the others. The sauce is headed for food parcels for needy families and tastes way better than the bought stuff. Great.

toeblister, Jan 19, 5:02am
Hi to all you wonderful cooks.who often help me out.Today's question.I made tomatoe sauce (Chelsea Sugar recipe) very similar to a recipe above.I used 1.5kgs of sugar as the recipe asked BUT man was it sweet!Does everyone use this amount!It wasn't too thick said they loved it but admitted it was rather sweet.

davidt4, Jan 19, 5:11am
If you take a recipe from a sugar produceryou should probably expect it to use a lot of sugar.

shauns, Mar 8, 5:41am
Hello, ive got a few kilos of tomatoes (access to more if needed) and i'd like to try make a tomato sauce. Has anyone got an easy/foolproof recipe to share! Thanks!

shauns, Mar 8, 7:11am
Bump . anyone!

kassie48, Mar 8, 8:00am
In lefthand message board put tomato sauce & under date posted put last year. Recipes there. Good luck.

shauns, Mar 8, 9:05am
Yeah I tried that and could find only one, the rest are people asking why their sauce is runny, or too vinegary! This makes it seem too hard, was hoping for a sauce for beginners :) thanks anyway

3jtrader, Mar 8, 9:25am
I have a foolproof recipe for tomato sauce as in pasta sauce (not ketchup):
One or two onions, depending on how oniony you like it. Dice and put in a pot with about a cm deep of olive oil (canola or vegetable if you don't like olive, but I prefer authentic Italian!), add a sprinkle of garlic granules and cook with the temperature knob at 6 o'clock until the onion is clear. Add three good squirts of soy sauce, 1/4-1/2 tsp black pepper (depending on how strong you like), a three-fingered pinch of oregano and one of sweet basil, and stir together.
Peel the tomatoes (blanching them is easy, just pop them all in the sink without a plug and pour a jug or two of boiling water over the top. The skin peels right off.) and cut them up fairly small-half inch cubes are good. Toss in the pot and simmer them, stirring every time you dump another few cut tomatoes in, and keep them bubbling for at least half an hour.
You'll know they're cooked enough when you can give them a bit of a thrash with a potato masher and they break down into sauce. Thicken with cornstarch if you want. You can freeze the stuff or bottle it in preserving jars, whatever is your method.

juliewn, Mar 8, 9:26am
This tastes fabulous. my favourite Tomato Sauce recipe:

6kgs Tomatoes - chopped into several pieces. I include skins and seeds
4 large onions, chopped.
1.5kg sugar
2 tablespoons plain/common salt
750mls vinegar (use white vinegar if you want the sauce to have a better red colour - I use malt as we prefer the flavour.)
2 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp ground mixed spice
1 tsp curry powder

You can add other spices to your taste.

Place all in a large pan and boil 3 hours, stirring often to stop the mix sticking to the bottom of the pan.
Use a mouli to blend the mix together well, or put the mix through a food processor.
Place back in the pan, return to boiling, boil 5 minutes more, then bottle into hot sterilised bottles or jars and place lids on immediately.

korbo, Mar 8, 9:27am
bumping for the morning. too lazy to get outta bed and find my recipe book. have a very nice recipe.

shauns, Mar 8, 9:28am
Thank you, wanted a sauce like what grandma used to make. Similar to ketchup but yours sounds yummy, so may try it anyway! Thank you for posting!

shauns, Mar 8, 9:28am
Thank you all!

3jtrader, Mar 8, 9:30am
Variations on that, can be all of them, some or none:
Red capsicum added when you cut up the tomatoes. Mmm!
Sweet chilli sauce added when you put the herbs in with the onions.
Rosemary, chopped very fine.
Apples, peeled and cut into cubes. No more than one apple to every three or four tomatoes or it won't taste like tomato sauce any more.
Tabasco for a bit of bite, according to your taste buds.

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