Disparately searching for Madeleine cake trays

threewishes, Jan 19, 1:05am
Ok so the beach wedding is in March so i thought making salmon Madeleine's with sour cream & chives would make nice nibbles . . . but do you think anyone stocks them anymore! eeekk help

Has anyone got a rusty old one in the back of the cupboard they can list & tag me in this thread

plse, plse, plse

bernice1, Jan 19, 1:12am
Check out second hand shops, I saw some recently in one.

Or what about here http://www.livingandgiving.co.nz/Product/5028826/Masterclass-Madeleine-Pan---12-Cup

suzanna, Jan 19, 8:12am
Sorry threewishes no tins to sell but would love your salmon madeleine recipe please, Cheers.

unknowndisorder, Jan 20, 6:52am
check out Stevens. lso Sylvia Park, there is a kitchen shop opposite Stevens, which I am sure I have seen them at.

olwen, Jan 20, 6:57am
I second that op should share their recipe

kiwitrish, Jan 20, 11:10pm
I third that for the recipe.

retired, Jan 20, 11:28pm
Salmon Madeleines - Google is your friend!

cookessentials, Jan 22, 4:15am
Laura, check out Z=New World, they get the Bakers Secret tins in. Bakers Secret do a Madeleine tin and I am sure your local New World could get them for you.

kiwibubbles, Jan 23, 2:32am
I hve seen madeleine tins in quite a few places here in Wgtn

sit1, Jan 23, 2:51am
i bought mine from briscoes, 2 years ago.

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